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[News] Winemaker Explains Choice of Free Software CMS

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Winemaker wears a Joomla! developer hat

,----[ Quote ]
| Whiting considered other CMS applications, including WordPress and Drupal, 
| before he switched to Joomla! "It's one of the easiest interfaces. It seems 
| to be more oriented toward managing and scheduling content. I can write it 
| ahead of time and schedule when things appear." He likes how easy it is 
| to "manipulate" the templates and layouts. "However, when we started doing 
| more blogging, getting user feedback and registering users, Joomla! was not 
| quite as easy as it would be with something like WordPress. But with 
| WordPress, from what I can see, it's trickier to do raw content management. 
| So there are different advantages to each."        



Top Five things to know when choosing an open source Content Management System

,----[ Quote ]
| # Evaluate a CMS for the suitability for your industry and your requirements?
|     * Joomla CMS with Mosets – Real estate
|     * Moodle – Content management system for managing and editing courses for
|       education and e-learning.
|     * iSocial - CMS for social networking. It allows you to create your own
|       Friendster and Orkut like sites.
|     * OneCMS – content management system targeted towards gaming.


Top 10 Open Source CMS Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| These days, much of the world of open source has turned squarely toward using
| open source content management systems (CMS) to better manage the needs of
| today's enterprise and small business. In this article, I will be examining
| some of the most compelling CMS-based solutions that do not involve Drupal or
| WordPress.

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