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[News] Sun Uses 'Open' Buzzword to Sell Storage Products

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Sun Expands 'Open' Storage Line

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems Inc. is making another move to expand its small position in 
| data storage, as the computer maker continues to take advantage of 
| the "open-source" movement that has shaken up parts of the industry.  



Sun injects Euro universities with OpenSparc

,----[ Quote ]
| The processor and operating system technologies that made Sun Microsystems
| one of the first big Silicon Valley startups got their start three decades
| inside the computer science departments of two universities. It was Stanford
| University for the hardware and the University of California at Berkeley for
| the operating system that would eventually become Solaris.
| There is a feedback loop you can get with tech and academia. It starts there,
| gets commercialized, and then comes back as products that universities and
| colleges deploy to do research. That's why new technology that offers some
| sort of edge is always adopted by academia and government labs first. Take
| Linux-based supercomputer clusters as just one example.



Sun and Ministry of Education for the People's Republic of China Announce
Landmark Agreement Based on Sun's OpenSPARC Technology

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems, Inc., (Nasdaq:JAVA) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) for
| the People's Republic of China today announced a three-year collaboration
| agreement designed to meet China's demand for cultivating integrated circuit
| (IC) engineering talent and industry development. The agreement is based on
| Sun's OpenSPARC(TM) program.    


Sun's Niagara chip breaks like the Wind River

,----[ Quote ]
| Wind River this week lent a helping hand to one of Sun Microsystems'
| more interesting processor efforts. The software maker announced that
| its telco hardened version of Linux will be tuned for Sun's UltraSPARC
| T1 processor.


Sun, allies broaden open-source chip push

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems' open-source chip plan is bearing some early fruit,
| but the server and software company hopes to increase further
| involvement by sharing the designs of its forthcoming "Niagara
| 2" processor.
| [...]
| Simply RISC, too, was drawn by the open-source license. Sun chose the
| General Public License (GPL), which also governs the Linux kernel
| and thousands of other software projects.

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