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[News] 'Open' University Still in Microsoft's Pocket

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University challenged to ditch Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The OU provides students with technical support, but only if they use 
| Microsoft software. It advises students that if they don't use a Windows PC 
| they "may have problems accessing the software and data files supplied with 
| course materials". It has produced a 31-page guide to using Microsoft 
| software and extensive demonstrations. It has produced upgrade advice for 
| Microsoft's Vista operating system and even gone as far as promoting a 
| Microsoft discount offer to its students.      
| The OU does distribute copies of the Open Source Star Office to all students, 
| but that endorsement pales in comparison to its backing of Microsoft. It has 
| given no such advice, support or endorsement of Ubuntu, the free operating 
| system lauded as the Open Source movement's viable alternative to Windows.   


"Government attorneys accuse Microsoft of using its monopoly position to bully,
bribe and attempt to collude with others in the industry, while illegally
expanding and protecting its Windows franchise."
                        The antitrust case: a timeline


University of Regina offers open source course

,----[ Quote ]
| In recent years, software giants like Microsoft have found open source
| software like Linux and Firefox nipping at their heels.
| Open source software is typically available for free and is set up so
| that programmers around the world can tinker with the code and make
| improvements.
| [...]
| Now, the University of Regina has joined the fray, launching its
| first senior-level course in open source software development.


Letter from IT Personnel at Purdue University: No Upgrades to Vista, Office
2007, or even IE7

,----[ Quote ]
| Purdue University is a Big Ten school with 40,000+ students and a
| fairly tech savvy campus. But due to bugs, compatibility issues,
| and lack of backwards compatibility, Purdue is holding off on
| Microsoft upgrades for now.

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