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[News] Microsoft and Its Puppet Attack Red Hat Again

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Novell lays out Red Hat attack plan

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell Tuesday took aim at rival and Linux market leader Red Hat with a 
| migration service designed to help move Linux users onto Novell's Suse 
| enterprise servers.  
| The SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) Subscription with Expanded Support 
| program is a three-year contract that covers support for Red Hat or CentOS, a 
| Red Hat clone, during the first two years of the deal. (Read our latest Red 
| Had test.)    



Microsoft: We're all 'mixed source' companies

,----[ Quote ]
| That doesn't mean Microsoft is ready to sing Kumbaya with Red Hat, or other
| companies that haven't made an IP deal with Redmond. While Microsoft is
| patient, Gutierrez indicated that Microsoft's patience is not unlimited.
| "If every effort to license proves not to be fruitful, ultimately we have a
| responsibility to customers that have licenses and to our shareholders to
| ensure our intellectual property is respected," he said.
| Microsoft has, on a number of occasions, asserted that Linux violates a ton
| of Microsoft patents, but Microsoft has never sued a company over those
| claims.
| [...]
| In an effort to help head off patent disputes, Microsoft is an investor in
| Nathan Myrhvold's patent-buying Intellectual Ventures effort and has also
| made deals with several other such patent companies. "We've done deals with a
| number of others," Gutierrez said.
| On the positive side, though, are deals like the Novell one, Gutierrez said.
| In the end, Novell has grown its business, Microsoft got added revenue and
| customers end up with products that work better together. Gutierrez wouldn't
| name names, but he said to expect more deals along the lines of the ones
| Microsoft struck with Novell and Sun Microsystems.

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