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Re: Why Windows Being Bad is Good for Microsoft (or a Case for Unbundling)

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____/ Rex Ballard on Tuesday 11 November 2008 04:38 : \____

> More and more companies are switching more and more corporate
> workstations to Linux - usually starting with Point of Service systems
> then Call Center systems and eventually managers and executives.  The
> Retailers are fed up too.  CompUSA went bankrupt and had to close down
> almost all of their retail stores.  Circuit City just filed for
> bankruptcy and is also likely to have to close down many of it's
> stores, if not all.


Remember this?

| While Microsoft continues to praise the market success of its
| latest operating system, the number of critical voices and negative
| comments on sales figures for Vista continues to rise. Now, the
| Dixon Store Group (DSG), a British retail chain, has released
| specific figures. The firm says that it earned 20 million pounds
| less in the first two quarters of the year because sales of Vista
| products did not meet expectations.
| The DSG says it has had to write off excess inventory, which
| brought down the retailer's gross margin by 2 percent. The Group
| says that far fewer Vista computers were sold at its PC World chain
| than were put on inventory.


Now watch this from yesterrday:


"According to the Sunday Times, DSGi, which owns PC World and Currys in the UK
and has a number of well-known electrical store brands throughout Europe, is
in the process of selling off its loss-making Electro World division."

Vista death watch?

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