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Re: Why Windows Being Bad is Good for Microsoft (or a Case for Unbundling)

  • Subject: Re: Why Windows Being Bad is Good for Microsoft (or a Case for Unbundling)
  • From: Hadron <hadronquark@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2008 12:16:58 +0100
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Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> A computer needs to be as simple to use as an appliance. Whenever you switch it
> on, it enters a mode of full operation.

Whatever that means. Most people dont give a tuppence - they want their
application SW to work.

> When you install software on it, everything should be set up completely,
> without a hitch.
> Failing to achieve a simple installation, it's clear that something is
> amiss.

Err, yeah ...

> PCs should be sold separately from software. If the software is trivial to
> install, then it can be offered as an option alongside hardware. It only takes
> minuted to install from a CD-ROM.

Most people dont want to have to do that. Installing the OS is a job for
jobsworth tape monkeys. Most people want the PC ready out of the box for
them to install and configure their application SW which offers them
their market advantage when used properly.

> A good set of software can also include customised images and plenty of
> software of interest, such as an office suite.

Is this you trying to do a "Terry"? 

> Why can't PCs be sold without an operating system? Because, as Microsoft
> wishfully argues, customers would struggle to install the operating
> system.

PCs are sold without OSen. All the time. Try looking. But its all about
choice. And most people just want a PC with Windows. Sad, but true.

> So make it easier.
> Windows will continue to be a hard-to-install mess as long as it provides this
> argument that Joe Sixpack can't have it installed.

Huh? What ARE you talking about?!?!?!?!?

> In other words, as long as Windows is bad, it's more likely to be bundled,
> without the offering of choice.
> Apple and its separate universe of 'xenophobic' hardware and software is
> another matter altogether.

Yes. It just works and is gaining Market Share at quite a rate. But you
knew it uses standard Intel too ow didn't you? No? Oh dear me ....

> Should houses also be built with furniture bolted in? Or restaurant serve just
> one meal because choice is bad and cooking is too complicated?

Is that supposed to be an analogy? If so it was incredibly bad.

New houses DO come with electrictiy and water however ....

> Being a norm does not make anything right or acceptable.

You're a pretentious idiot.

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