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Re: Give your kids more than three employment options with Linux!

Hadron wrote:
Terry Porter writes:

I once saw a very clever way to find out what kind of job a
child would like to do when they 'grew up'.

I suspect you did think it clever.

It was a book with pictures of different people in their
work clothes or uniform. A fireman, a policeman, a soldier,
electrician, mountain climber, nurse etc.

Hundreds of pictures.

Really clever!

One gave it to a child to read and discreetly watched their
reaction, did they spend a lot of time on the policeman or
just turn the page, showing no interest ?

Perhaps they kept going back to the airline pilot ?

Perhaps they liked the blue sky? Sheesh.

A computer isn't that different to the book, whether it's at
home or at school and the software could well decide the
future of your child.

Please tell me I am not reading this ....

Lets look at a Linux computer owned by a 'typical' family.
They don't have a lot of money to spend on a PC and
software, and have chosen Linux.

All the software was easily chosen from the package manager
and installed by mum or dad over the Internet, and it didn't
cost them anything.

This Linux box caters for children interested in :- accounting, electronics, software design, chemistry, cad
drawing, art, photography, word processing, language,
databases, astronomy,networking, spreadsheets, desktop
publishing, geometry, mathematics, etc, etc, etc just to
name a very few.

Its just a shame that most the apps are buggy and incomplete.
Wine has just reached "Version 1" after 10 years or so. This
is not surprising when one considers the limited resources
most Free programmers work with. Nearly all the apps also work
on Windows too of course and if not have a Windows equivalent
also for free.

I find it amazing that you lecture us on this. Just who do you
think you are? You are telling us that the applications that
someone use could just indicate their preferences? Really?
Watch out Einstein! You win the captain obvious award for
COLA. Oh COLA. Hang on. It probably does need explaining. You
go girl!

Software for almost every discipline, is available for free
and installed via an on-line Linux box with a command no
more complex than "apt-get install celestia" (astronomy) in
the case of Gnu/Debian/Linux. There are over 30,000 Free
high quality applications available.

You talk about Free a lot but do not seem to understand it's


You will notice that the Linux version is lagging the Windows

Ouch. Another self nuke from COLAs "wintroll fighter".

You really are a rather sad little man at times and seem to
make this mistake all the time. You did it with FWBuilder too
I see. Unbelievable, I go away for a while and come back and
see the same lies and bullshit. Thank god someone took you to
task about it though.

Lets look at a Windows Vista computer owned by a 'typical'
family. They don't have a lot of money to spend on a PC and
software, but have chosen Windows.

Traditionally Windows, being proprietary, comes with little
other than a card game, a crippled 'word processor,
spreadsheet' application like MSWorks and a bundle of

But thousands of free programs are available from the
Internet. Sound familiar?

Including Celestia .....

Including OO, Firefox, Apache, MySQL etc etc etc etc.

And then the thousands of non free titles including
entertainment and business.

It's a poor sign when someone so self content should be so
ignorant. You really need to get out more.

Do what I do when adovcating Linux : concentrate on "virus
free, stable and does most of what I want". Dont make out the
choice is better. Its not.

Mr. Porter started out comparing the cost effectiveness and abundance of free/low cost applications that are available with a Linux computer, (incidently, many of which are installed up front or are available on the distro media for installation). Then compares a similar computer with Microsoft Vista installed, but little else. Then one is left to downloading or purchase at additional cost, external to the PC.

What is truly sad is this troll's entire discourse herein are examples of ad hominem attacks, attacking the poster rather than participate in the discussion and counter his arguments. This awful trolling technique is described in:


Ad hominem troll

Ad hominem troll at its simplest, will attack people personally,
rather than the merits of their statements or methodologies.

The ad hominem troll often has already lost a rational argument
about a topic, and thus its goal is to change the argument from
being about a topic, to being about the people opposed to the
troll (which could mean any/all rational person(s) in the
discussion), in the hopes of both discrediting people's ideas
indirectly by discrediting the people, and engendering an
emotional reaction from the people by attacking their egos /
self-image. The "getting a reaction out of" goal is common to
most troll types.

The simple ad hominem troll is easily detected and dealt with by
calling them on their ad hominem attacks.

However, often ad hominem troll will start its discourse with
seemingly reasonable commentary, perhaps an analogy etc. Using
rational tone, they may lull you into thinking that they are
rational in general and thus their entire message should be
considered rational. Once they have established such an
impression, then they will then descend into personal attacks
which may even sound reasonably worded, until you recognize them
for what they are, nothing more than personal attacks.

Example: thacker. thacker starts by ignoring the previous comment
(which itself was a rational challenge to thacker's earlier
statements), repeating himself (see the section below on
Repeating themselves), then moves onto an analogy. Afterwards he
continues with personal attacks, starting subtly worded, then
increasingly harsh:

     * "some here, yourself included, will not see nor understand
the parallels"
     * "Your noses are simply buried too deeply into the
proverbial bark."
     * "Or you lack the courage, will, ability to step away and
ask the truly difficult questions. That is a shame."


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