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Re: [News] Microsoft hurting from Linux Netbook sales

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____/ Jerry McBride on Monday 10 November 2008 23:03 : \____

> Terry Porter wrote:
>> Quote
>> Netbooks may be little, but they seem to be causing big problems for
>> Microsoft, which blames them for a drop in first-quarter earnings and
>> decreased revenues.
>> Unquote
>> Quote
>> The report goes on to note that netbooks are not only growing at a steady
>> pace, their sales are literally blowing the roof off any analyst
>> expectations. Sales of the little laptops are set to reach 11 million in
>> 2008 and shoot up to 41 million by 2012, an outstanding growth level
>> considering only half a million netbooks were sold last year.
>> The little Eee PC from Asus as well as Acer Aspire have counted for
>> approximately a third of total growth in the PC market in 2008, a record
>> by anyone standards. And in Europe, where wireless providers are handing
>> out free netbooks with service contracts, the little machines are flying
>> off shelves.
>> So, how does this affect Microsoft? Well, for starters, a full 25 per
>> cent of all netbooks run a Linux OS instead of a Microsoft one. Secondly,
>> because Vista is too demanding in terms of systems requirements and
>> memory guzzling, most netbooks which do run Windows are running the
>> watered down version of XP, XP Home.
>> Unquote
> 25%?  According to what the windows loonies post, this is not possible...
> However, I find it all very gratifying.
> Thank you, for the illuminating post.

Other sources say over 40%.

Linux Carried Along on Netbooks Wave

,----[ Quote ]
| Morvay revealed to Linux Magazine Online that there were no specific figures
| for Linux netbook sales, but that it lay somewhere in the 40th percentile.
| Even though this figure seems a little high, it is known that many of the
| world's netbooks have Linux on board since their first inception 18 months
| ago.
| For example, notebooks with Linux make up about 5.5% of the notebook market
| in Germany...


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