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Re: Microsoft losing revenue to Linux; only the beginning

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____/ Darth Chaos on Tuesday 11 November 2008 01:13 : \____

> On Nov 10, 12:02 pm, Dave U. Random <anonym...@anonymitaet-im-
> inter.net> wrote:
>> http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/11/09/BU54140O0...
>> Microsoft is losing revenue to Linux and this is only the beginning. New
>> ultra-low cost netbooks (< $100 USD) will appear before the end of this year
>> and next year. During the holiday season 2009, Microsoft's Windows 7 will
>> need to battle dozens of sub $75 USD netbooks, dirt cheap, which lack even
>> the ability to run Windows XP, turning every sale into a lost Windows
>> customer. Many of these users will be thrilled to find that virusses and
>> malware are simply non-existent on Linux and that these devices are
>> extremely reliable, almost appliance like devices. Virus and malware writers
>> will be worried since their ability to spam and perform DDoS attacks will be
>> comprimised if not lost.
>> Frankly, I think that Microsoft has lasted much longer than I would have
>> thought. Almost a decade ago, when I first got involved with Linux, I was
>> convinced that within 5 years the market would have moved on to Linux, due
>> to its incredible reliability, security, flexibility and ultra-low cost. It
>> took a little longer than I thought, but things are finally starting to
>> accelerate and impending doom is near for Ballmer and Co (Bill got out just
>> in time). Next year we will see an enormous uptake of Linux netbooks and
>> PC's, quickly eating into Windows' marketshare. I suspect that in 2010
>> Ubuntu will be the distro chosen by most businesses for their standard
>> desktop.
> I figure there will also be a taxpayer-funded bailout of Microsoft.
> There's already been a taxpayer-funded bailout of the credit/banker
> industry, and now there's talk of a taxpayer-funded bailout of the
> American auto industry.

There is a resemblance to be noted here. Big bosses with big bonuses amassed
fortunes (maybe in overseas bank account) while leaving their companies at
high risk or empty shells with no real assets. With the bailout, people pay
the price while the Fat Cats get to keep their stash and get more bonuses for
their corruption.

Similarly, SweatyB, BillG and others built an empire of personal wealth but
Microsoft is already nearing debt BASED ON PUBLIC DISCLOSURES. The /reality/
could be more similar to Enron's.

"For instance, Microsoft, the world’s most valuable company, declared a profit
of $4.5 billion in 1998; when the cost of options awarded that year, plus the
change in the value of outstanding options, is deducted, the firm made a loss
of $18 billion, according to Smithers."


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