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Re: [News] Microsoft hurting from Linux Netbook sales

Terry Porter wrote:

> Our resident genius Flatfish the Wintroll, never considered Netbooks
> important, oddly neither did Microsoft, yet Netbooks are setting unheard
> of growth records.

And, as more home users realize that Linux works well for browsing, email,
writing letters, collecting photos and all the things most home users use a
computer for -- the less of a monopoly Windows will have.

Not only that, but Microsoft wanted to kill XP -- now they're forced to
support it (for less money than Vista would have brought in) until at least
Vaporware 7 comes out. Even then, it'll be hard to sell Vaporware 7 for
full price on Netbooks, considering that the whole computer costs $300
(probably less by then). And even 25% of 11 million sales means that close
to 3 million Linux Netbook computers (not servers) have sold this year --
many of them to people who have never used Linux before.

Not too shabby, no matter how the WinTrolls try to spin it. Add that to the
number embedded devices that are running Linux, its success in the server
world and the fact that Vista computers are being converted into Linux ones
and it's been a good year for Linux. Microsoft's monopoly is folding in at
the edges.

"There's a story there...somewhere"

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