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[News] Another Example of GNU/Linux Running Windows Applications Smoothly

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dBpoweramp's CD Ripper Works Like a Dream Under Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday, I posted about running Office 2007 under Linux with the help of 
| CrossOver Linux, and to quickly follow-up, I'll say that I've been able to 
| spend a lot more time with it, Excel specifically, and I'm incredibly 
| impressed by its performance and stability. The worst problem I've had so far 
| are slight redraw issues, which are easily fixed, so there are no real 
| deal-breakers yet (except for the font-rendering, perhaps).     


Instead of moving to Free software applications in Windows and then swapping
the O/S, one can just bring over Windows applications to Linux while learning
the native equivalents that are open source, gradually.


First Experience with CrossOver Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| One application in particular that I've never been able to see running under
| Wine can be seen in the below image. Whenever I've tried to install Office
| 2007 in the past, with a standard Wine install, the setup process would error
| out before it could finish. Not here, and as you can see, both Excel and Word
| look great.


CrossOver Mac And Linux Products Free Today Only

,----[ Quote ]
| CrossOver, a commercially-modified version of the free WINE platform that
| lets Linux and Mac users run Windows apps semi-natively, is giving away free
| licenses for all their products today.


Microsoft Office for *nix

,----[ Quote ]
| In a continuing series of articles highlighting that GNU/Linux is a viable
| replacement operating system, today we're exploring CrossoverOffice (or
| installing Windows applications on Linux systems).


Crossover 7.0 includes Office 2007 support

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the areas of greatest enhancement in Wine lies in its significantly
| enhanced support for ActiveX controls within Internet Explorer. “A recurring
| theme we hear is the ability to use CrossOver to access Active-X intensive
| webpages” said White. “This upgrade takes a giant step forward by expanding
| the websites that can be used on a Linux or Mac system.”

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