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[News] Linux and Warranties FUD Pattern

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Top 10 Linux FUD Patterns, Part 8

,----[ Quote ]
| Will the use of Linux void the manufacturer’s warranty of your computer 
| hardware? This is one fear that prevents some people from making the leap to 
| Linux, which is why it is on my Top 10 List of Linux FUD Patterns. The short 
| answer is, it depends; however, there are steps that you can take to increase 
| your probability of receiving service under a warranty.    
| [...]
| Here is a case in point. In recent months, HP issued a recall of specific 
| models of the Pavilion laptop due to a BIOS problem. As I understand it, the 
| problem had something to do with the computer’s ability to regulate 
| temperature, so units would overheat. Battery problems and other component 
| failures were extreme symptoms. My wife’s laptop was one of the models 
| listed, so I called tech support to schedule a repair. During the course of 
| the conversation, I told the representative that I would remove the hard 
| drive prior to shipment, primarily because it contained sensitive data (which 
| was true). I also mentioned that Linux was installed and that the hard drive 
| would be of little value in the repair process. The rep said that removal of 
| the hard drive was acceptable. The unit was fixed and returned without 
| incident.           



Refund for me! PC World buckle to the pressure.

,----[ Quote ]
| I went back today and received a refund straight away with no messing at all.


Man wins damages from Acer over Windows refund 

.----[ Quote ]
| According to this web site, not only did Antoine Gutzwiller get a
| full refund on a list of the software bundled his machine, but got
| €500 extra for what the court dubbed Abusive Resistance.


PC World Linux laptop warranty saga gets even more bizarre

,----[ Quote ]
| This is not an isolated incident by any means, reports are now popping up of 
| other people turned away by PC World for hardware repairs due to a Linux 
| installation. One even reports that PC World told him that Linux was 'alien 
| software' and so the numerous dead pixels on the screen could not be repaired
| under warranty. Perhaps the Linux spaceship had landed on the display causing 
| the damage? Makes about as much sense as PC World is at the moment…     


PC World refuse to repair hardware fault, AGAIN because of linux! argh

,----[ Quote ]
| So, after being told this rubbish I said well tell you what, I called 
| expecting Head Office and I was told I am being put through to them, clearly 
| you are not Head Office can you transfer me now please. He did't like that 
| much obviously, he agreed and then...   
| Hung up on me.
| Argh, so I go back into the store as I was in the car park making the call.
| Told Mr Tank that he told me more rubbish and he said that its a call centre, 
| and he has no other contact number for them. He didn't try to call them, he 
| didnt offer me any more help. So I said I would write in as I had no other 
| choice and I left.   


PC World refuse to repair hardware fault, because of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| PC World refuse to repair hardware fault, because of LinuxToday I took my 
| laptop to pc world because a crack has developed near the left hinge, 
| this develops because the joint inside is failing and spreading to the 
| casing. 
| Laptop is only 4 or 5 months old and otherwise in good condition.
| It was agreed that infact there is indeed an issue with the hinge and that it
| will spread much further untill the display can no longer stay attached to 
| the rest of the unit.
| Then I was told because I have Linux installed, I am not covered by my 
| warranty. 


I've installed Linux, now give me my Windows refund

,----[ Quote ]
| Unfortunately, due to unfair licensing practices, Windows comes
| with most computers that are purchased and most people have to payf
| or Windows whether they like it or not, even if they are looking for
| a naked machine, ie one without an operating system installed. As
| you may well know that finding a naked notebook is difficult and
| can be expensive. Because of this several complaints have been put
| to the European Union asking them to investigate. This has been
| reported in the press (see 
| http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/276088_msfteu01.html). This,
| as you may have heard, is referred to as the 'Microsoft Tax'.


ChangeLog: HP clarifies warranty under Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| HP is committed to supporting its customers and backs its PCs with a
| solid hardware warranty regardless of the operating system.


ChangeLog: Run Linux, lose warranty

,----[ Quote ]
| When she called Compaq -- the unit comes with a one-year warranty
| on the hardware -- they asked what operating system she was running. 
| When she told them Linux, they said, "Sorry, we do not honor our
| hardware warranty when you run Linux." In order to get warranty
| service, she was told, she would have to remove Linux and
| reinstall the original OS.


Packard Bell: "Upgrade to Vista & lose your...

,----[ Quote ]
| I purchased a nice Vista laptop, it has the sticker "Windows Vista
| Capable" so I went ahead and put Vista on it, If it can support a
| superior OS then why not! id be stupid not to take advantage.
| The sticker Lies, i later found that its only stable to run the
| basic system (Controll panels and IE. thats about it)
|       - Not capable to run on the computer, Multiple drivers missing,
|         not very capable.
|       - Not capable to have duel boot, because of modified spam filled
|         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
|         Packard Bell customised OS using the "recovery", no cds
|         or anything.
|       - Not Capable to run the basic functions of Vista

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