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Re: Linux in hollywood...but really?

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____/ zaebos@xxxxxxxxx on Monday 10 November 2008 13:28 : \____

> Hello,
> I was checking linuxmovies.org, as well as doing my own research for
> an article, and would like peoples opinions.
> I would like to know how the conclusions that Linux has
> 95%, or even the majority of the market share in Hollywood were
> reached. What
> sources were used, and what was considered in making up the market
> share?
> How could Linux make up the majority market share, when there are no
> stable, fully featured editing programs available for Linux? The most
> promising is kdenlive, which is still in alpha stage.
> Most of the information I have found, supports the fact that Linux is
> used in visual effects editing and studios, such as dreamworks or
> pixar, but not extensively outside of this.
> From what I have researched, Universal uses Avid for their post
> production work, as do paramount and the other studios, or a similar
> platform. Are there any quotes from any of these studios, ie the big 5
> or so that make up Hollywood, supporting that they have moved to or
> use Linux? I am referring to studios such as Universal, Paramount,
> Sony, Warner Brothers and Fox. I am not asking for evidence that they
> have used Linux, but rather that they regularly rely on Linux and it
> makes up a majority of their computers.
> What about the  Pirahna system, which is Linux based and
> similar to Avid, but does not seem to be used by any of the big movie
> studios. Do you know what this system might be missing when compared
> to the industry standard editors?
> I am aware that programs such as cinepaint are available, but these
> are not filmeditors as such, and could not warrant a studio moving to
> linux for this one program.
> At the moment it seems very unlikely that linux has 95%, or even 50%
> of hollywood as posted on linuxmovies.org

Contact CinePaint's Project Manager, Robin Rowe. He said that "Linux is the
default operating [system] on desktops and servers at major animation and
visual effects studios, with maybe 98 percent [or more] penetration."

robin.rowe at cinepaint.org

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