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[News] Libre AI Funding Sought, Audiocast about GPLv3 Virtualisation Software

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AI Funding for Open-Source Artificial Intelligence

,----[ Quote ]
| Abstract: Many programmers of Open-Source software would like to dabble or 
| specialize in artificial intelligence but are concerned about how to obtain 
| AI Funding.   


Episode 8 - "xVM Ops Center" Has Been Released

,----[ Quote ]
| For this episode I interviewed Oren Tiech from Sun Microsystems about xVM Ops 
| Center. This one is a bit overdue. I actually taped it about 6 months ago and 
| thought I lost the audio only to find it later. Considering Sun's recent 
| announcements around xVM, I thought now would be a good time to release it. 
| Be sure to go to http://www.sun.com/xvm for the latest updates.    



Sun releases source code for xVM hypervisor

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun plans to release the code for its open source server-virtualization
| software Wednesday, and will make a commercial version of the xVM Server
| available next month.
| xVM Server can virtualize Windows, Linux and Sun’s own Solaris operating
| system on x86 hardware from such vendors as Sun, HP, IBM and Dell, says Steve
| Wilson, Sun’s xVM vice president. Previously, Sun’s server-virtualization
| strategy focused on its own operating system and the Sparc chipset, he says.


Sun joins virtualisation fray with xVM

,----[ Quote ]
| XVM consists of two components: xVM Server, a hypervisor with support for
| Linux, Solaris and Windows guest operating systems; and xVM Ops Center, a
| management console. The Ops Center project will be released under the open
| source GPLv3 license, and Sun has set up a community site at
| [www.openxVM.org].



Sun fires a GPL3 warning shot

,----[ Quote ]
| Ops Center aims at managing all of this, and the first version will only do
| that when it is released on January 8th. More interestingly, the source code
| will be put out on December 10 for those into messing around with low level
| details. To shake things up a lot more, at least some of it, the Common Agent
| Container, will be licensed under the GPL3. Won't that ruffle some feathers.    

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