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[News] GNU bzr Reaches 1.0, GNU/Hurd Discussion Surfaces

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Announcing bzr 1.9

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm happy to announce the release of bzr 1.9.
| This release of Bazaar adds a new repository format, ``1.9``, with smaller
| and more efficient index files.  This format can be specified when
| creating a new repository, or used to losslessly upgrade an existing
| repository.  bzr 1.9 also speeds most operations over the smart server
| protocol, makes annotate faster, and uses less memory when making
| checkouts or pulling large amounts of data.


Gentoo GNU/Hurd thread in Gentoo Forums



Bits from the Debian GNU/Hurd porters

,----[ Quote ]
| it has been more than three years since the last "Bits from the Debian
| GNU/Hurd porters"[1], high time for an update on the port.


GNU and FSF News for May 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| There has been continued discussion of the GNU Hurd GSoC projects this month.
| One of the subjects covered is the issue of copyright assignments by the
| contributors. Sergiu Ivanov announced the availability of an extension module
| that allows retrieving the uptime of the system and the load averages from
| Python scripts
| How you can help: The number of developers working on the Hurd and GNU Mach
| continues to be small and they could use your help. Check in on the #hurd IRC
| channel or the bug-hurd mailing list. There should be no trouble finding
| interesting things to work on.


In search of the GNU OS - First try

,----[ Quote ]
| Last night I sat down (with some caffeine and print outs) and had my first 
| proper attempt at installing GNU. I've been reading as much documentation as 
| I could find over the past week or so and I was led to believe that using the 
| prepared CD images might be a better option for a beginner.   



GNU and FSF News for January 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to the new year and another monthly installment of news about the 
| Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project. This month we have news from 
| the FSF Europe, the latest numbers on GPLv3 conversions, the annual Gfortran 
| report from the GCC folks, a GLib development release, Stallman commenting on 
| the GNOME's alleged support of OOXML, GNU Hurd news, and more.    
| [...]
| GNU Hurd
| Shakthi Kannan has been working on a high-level system architecture diagram 
| of the main components in GNU Mach and the Hurd. After several iterations of 
| accepting corrections and other suggestions on the bug-hurd list, he came up 
| with a diagram that was generally agreed to be reasonably close (PNG image, 
| DIA diagram).     


Debian GNU/Minix

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally someone has seen the light and started a project that I called for in 
| a previous article. This melding of the Minix kernel with the GNU userland is 
| called Preventa, and seems to poke fun at the name Nexenta, a similar project 
| using the Solaris kernel, all in good fun I’m sure, considering that the 
| project leader’s blog is called “La Salle Debain” (a play on “Debian” and the 
| French for “bathroom”).     


The GNU Hurd

,----[ Quote ]
| This post was written for two reasons: one is to raise awareness about the 
| existence of the GNU Hurd kernel and maybe bring it to the attention of 
| people who want to help with its development.  


Students develop new GNU installer

,----[ Quote ]
| “The developed installer LX series of advanced Debian GNU Hurd is available 
| in the CD format. It makes the installation task much simple and easy to 
| boot,” said Raju. The students were assisted by two lecturers P Badarudeen 
| and A.Ragesh of the IT department, besides the guidance by Philip Charles.   

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