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[News] Lame Excuses to Not Using GNU/Linux Desktop

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10 Lamest Reasons Fo Giving Up On Linux!

,----[ Quote ]
| Last time you read "7 Shit Ass Reasons for Using Linux" now here are "10 
| Lamest Reasons For Giving Up On Linux! " 
| 1. No start button
| 2. No Notepad, Paint or Internet Explorer. 
| 3. All others use Windows
| 4. I found it to be unusable, when I tried it 5 yrs ago
| 5. It is very slow! (when trying it out from a live cd)



Intermedia to Microsoft Hosted Partners: 'Don't Be a Sheep'

,----[ Quote ]
| Intermedia has launched a whimsical ad campaign that pokes fun at Microsoft's
| hosted-services partner program to encourage customers to partner with
| Intermedia instead of the software giant.
| The ad campaign and accompanying Web site advise partners who are considering
| offering Microsoft hosted business-productivity services not to be "sheep"
| by "handing all of your customers to Microsoft."



Burton study: Follow the herd

,----[ Quote ]
| When you are a large customer you are powerful. Never admit that you still
| depend on Microsoft products. It is plain stupid. Start your Linux pilot.
| This annoys your supplier and secures you an appeasement cash-in. Consider
| alternative products and talk about them. That drives them so crazy that they
| even draft contracts that prohibits you to talk about alternative software.
| Eventually you find out that you don't need their products. Better for you.
| Stick to midterm open standards migration. The IDABC definition gets it best,
| this is why they invest so much in lobbying against. I am very curious how
| the Open Specification Promise (OSP) would make OOXML IDABC Open standards
| compatible. I strongly doubt it is.        
| [...]
| OOXML is part of a negotiation process. Can Microsoft be forced to support
| ODF? Absolutely. The stronger the rest of the market negotiates the better
| the results. No one benefits from bowing in.  

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