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Re: New US Administration Target Corrupted USPTO

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____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Sunday 09 November 2008 19:42 : \____

> I'm amazed at how clear Obama's ideas are regarding technology, this
> early in the game.  Most politicians understand zero about technology,
> which is one reason they keep passing stupid laws (like DMCA, in
> addition to lobbying=bribes by the interests, I mean).  Besides that,
> if I were Obama I'd probably be thinking the economy, Iraq, energy etc
> were such big problems that they would have to be dealt with first,
> then later I'd get to a small potato like software patents.  Anyway,
> it's going to be interesting to see how it all works out.  So far, it
> doesn't look good for Microsoft.

Earlier this month (ish):

Redmond's own Republican fights uphill battle for re-election

,----[ Quote ]
| One important Microsoft employee seems favorably inclined: Steve Ballmer
| donated the maximum amount of $2,300 to Reichert's campaign in November 2007
| and again in June 2008.
| It seems as if not all Microsoft employees are sold, however. According to
| OpenSecrets.org, an independent campaign finance tracking site, 22 Microsoft
| employees from the state of Washington donated $34,200 to Reichert this
| election cycle. Comparatively, Burner received $116,969 from 134
| Washington-based Microsoft employees.
| As for the 8th district's most famous resident? Bill Gates donated to both
| Reichert and Burner.


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