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[News] Xubuntu 8.10 Gets High Marks

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Xubuntu 8.10 - Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Very nice, very nice indeed. I am not sure (after looking at Top) whether 
| this would truly run well on a 128Mb Ram system, but it certainly runs well 
| on mine.  
| The look is plain enough to be uncluttered, and slick enough to not be the 
| Xfce default theme. Everything I have works out-of-the-box, and I am very 
| impressed.  



Xubuntu 8.10 released

,----[ Quote ]
| The Xubuntu team is happy to bring you the latest and greatest software the
| open source community has to offer. This is their latest result: Xubuntu
| 8.10, which brings a host of excellent improvements built on the rock solid
| Xfce 4.4.2 desktop environment.


Xubuntu 8.04 [screenshots]


Xubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 Alpha 6 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Alpha 6 is the last alpha release of Xubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10. I wanted to
| give it a try on my Dell Inspiron 1150 notebook to see how far it had come
| along. My Dell has an Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz processor, 1 Gig of RAM, and 80
| Gigabytes of hard disk space. The Ubuntu release schedule states the final
| release date for Intrepid Ibex is October 30th, 2008.



Review: Xubuntu 8.10 'Intrepid Ibex' Alpha 6

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're planning on gaming on an older machine but have an affection for
| Ubuntu, then Xubuntu is an obvious choice. Games these days eat quite a lot
| of resources, and with LCD screens almost enforcing you to use native
| resolutions your older machine will be working overtime to pump out the
| pixels. From what I've seen, Xubuntu is stable even at this stage of
| development (just over a month to go to the final version) and I'd recommend
| it to anyone with an older machine who is wanting to access the new goodies
| in the Ibex repositories.


Linux Install 101, or How I Helped Build Refurbished Linux PCs for
Disadvantaged Schoolchildren at LinuxWorld 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| I hooked up all the required keyboard, mouse, monitor, ethernet and power
| cables and fired it up, then popped in a special Linux boot CD and restarted
| it. The machine quickly booted to the CD, allowed me to begin an install of
| Xubuntu 8.04 — they use this version for PCs containing less than 512MB of
| RAM — and got underway. After clicking through a few simple screens, for
| things like installing the network drivers and choosing a hard drive on which
| to install the operating system, I was done in about 30 minutes. Also
| available for installation are several other OSes, including Ubuntu Linux
| 8.04 for better-equipped machines, Edubuntu 8.04 and its education-aimed
| special features, and Kubuntu 8.04 and its K Desktop Environment user
| interface.


A Quick Look at Xubuntu Xtreme

,----[ Quote ]
| Unlike PC/OS and Linux Mint, Xubuntu Xtreme doesn’t make any attempt to call
| itself a new distribution. It’s just Xubuntu with stuff added. You can read
| more about what’s added here, but to summarize, you get multimedia codecs,
| Java, Flash, DVD playback, some extra themes, and a few extra programs
| already installed.


Xubuntu Hardy Heron is Ready for Takeoff

,----[ Quote ]
| “So far, so good.” That is all I can say when I tested Xubuntu 8.04 RC last
| night on my Macbook Pro. I didn’t want to wait for tomorrow’s distribution
| release because I know the download will be slow during that time due to
| expected heavy traffic. Anyway, the Release Candidate version will almost be
| the same as the finished product, I think.


Xubuntu on Macbook Pro (Penryn)

,----[ Quote ]
| I couldn’t stop the urge to install Linux on my new Macbook Pro. I know I
| said on one of my recent posts that I will have to wait for the release of
| Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron” before I’ll take the plunge. However, I changed my
| mind and decided to install Xubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” instead.


Social inclusion with Xubuntu: A tale of free software changing lives

,----[ Quote ]
| M6-IT, a Community Interest Community in the UK, are part way through a
| project to equip socially excluded families with computers running Xubuntu.
| [...]
| The project is funded from a local regeneration budget, and supported by a
| partnership of four local schools called Quadrant C. Working with them we
| have identified pupils moving into secondary school who don’t have access to
| a home computer. We invite the families to a training session. The next step
| is to provide Internet access and a home computer for the family.



,----[ Quote ]
| This morning I installed eeeXubuntu on the solid state disk of the little
| Eee. It's pretty cool. The default Xandros in advanced mode was okay, but it
| was also a bit limiting. Honestly, I've not had the greatest experiences with
| Xandros, and was a little nervous about enabling repositories that weren't
| necessarily for Xandros... or at least the watered-down version of Xandros
| the Eee runs.


eeeXubuntu booting great from SDHC on Asus eeePC

,----[ Quote ]
| I blew away XP on my eeePC and restored the original Xandros - great little
| OS in Easy Mode with iceWM. I also enabled advanced mode (a full KDE desktop)
| using pimpmyeee.sh (Google it - its a no-brainer quick way to enabled KDE).
| You can switch back and forth nice and easily.

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