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[News] Nokia's Linux-based Tablets Gain Google Gadgets

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Google Gadgets come to the Nokia Internet Tablet

,----[ Quote ]
| Although there is still much to be done before Google Gadgets can be used 
| reliably on Maemo, this port looks like a pretty good start. Alhola intends 
| to contribute her Maemo-compatibility improvements upstream with the hope 
| that Google will accept them in the project. Developers who want to 
| participate in the porting effort or install the pre-alpha build on their 
| tablets can visit the new Google Gadgets for Maemo page that she has created 
| at the Maemo Garage web site.      



Nokia's Linux OS to support 3G

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia has revealed that the next version of its Maemo internet-tablet
| operating system will support 3G cellular connectivity.
| Maemo is the platform used in the Finnish manufacturer's internet-tablet
| series, the latest iteration of which was the the N810. On Wednesday, Nokia's
| open-source chief Dr Ari Jaaksi told the audience at an Open Source In Mobile
| (OSIM) event in Berlin that Maemo 5 would include support for high-speed
| packet access (HSPA), a standard sometimes described as 'super-3G'.


Nokia’s Maemo 5 open-source Linux OS promises faster, more powerful Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia’s little Linux-based, open-source darling has really blossomed into one
| fine looking platform. And, as the Maemo platform that powers Nokia Internet
| Tablets, like the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, again grows too big for its
| britches, Nokia will have to release newer versions of the Linux-based mobile
| platform.


Nokia and the battle for open source's soul

,----[ Quote ]
| The Finnish giant had, until now, kept out of the major alliances being
| formed in the mobile Linux space — the LiMo Foundation and the Google-led
| Open Handset Alliance (OHA) — because it could afford to. Enjoying 40 percent
| of the global handset market, and holding the largest stake in the
| market-leading Symbian platform, Nokia did not have to be quite as reactive
| as other manufacturers when it came to the open-source revolution. It was,
| however, inevitable that it would join the revolution and, after a suitable
| period of observer status, it chose the right time to do so.


Nokia embraces Ubuntu OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia’s Internet Tablet devices are set to get a port of the Linux operating
| system Ubuntu, following the release of the latest ‘Hardy Heron’ v8.04 of
| Ubuntu this week.  

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