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[News] Fluxbox Advocacy: Advantages Listed

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Fluxbox - Why You Might Want to Try It

,----[ Quote ]
| Fluxbox is such a window manager for the X Window System. Fluxbox provides 
| you with window management, a taskbar-like window switcher and a basic panel, 
| a right-click menu for launching applications. It is lightweight and very 
| configurable.   
| [...]
| As I’ve already mentioned, Fluxbox isn’t a whole system suite. It does a few 
| jobs, like window management, offering application launching etc. and just 
| that. This means that unlike GNOME or KDE, it doesn’t prescribe or recommend 
| you use certain pre-bundled applications.   



Linux Mint Fluxbox Leaves A Very Pleasant Taste

,----[ Quote ]
| LM5 FCE is a great piece of work. It takes a distribution that is justifiably
| very highly thought of, keeps all the best bits and adds something extra
| special - the speed, flexibility and stability of Fluxbox but with that Linux
| Mint eye toward user-friendliness.


fluxflux-eee 2008 08 released

,----[ Quote ]
| Fluxflux-eee, the pclinuxos 2008 remaster under Openbox windows manager has
| been released, as the 2008 08 version.
| We have written about the previous version here, and the project developer is
| kindly offering us all a new version with many improvements. The .iso image
| of the system can be downloaded at the official page.


Fluxbox 1.1 Released, 100+ Changes

,----[ Quote ]
| Fluxbox 1.0 was released in October of 2007, but its first post-1.0 update
| has now been released. The source to Fluxbox 1.1 has just hit its SourceForge
| page, but at this time there is no release announcement nor has their project
| web-site been updated. There is, however, the change-log that ships with the
| source package to look at.


In A State Of Flux

,----[ Quote ]
| For those who like to spend time and care customising their desktop and who
| are looking for a light, fast window manager, I highly recommend Fluxbox.

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