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[News] Free Software as a Liberator of Knowledge

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Open Minded, Open Sourced

,----[ Quote ]
| Imagine a world where all knowledge is free. Where absolutely anyone is 
| welcome to learn the greatest or smallest secrets of the state. Where no 
| knowledge is classified or off-limits. Where innovation and creativity are 
| encouraged, and improvements always sought. This is where humanity can reach 
| it’s zenith. This is where scientists, artists, technologists, and 
| sociologists come together to utilize human knowledge to it’s best. There is 
| only one kind that is unwelcome here, and that is the business type. The rule 
| here is: take all the knowledge you want, twist or skewer it as you desire, 
| but don’t profit from it. This utopian place is the open source world. Some 
| of it’s children are Wikipedia, Wordpress, and Linux.         


You can be in jail and receive food for free, but this does not imply freedom.
Freedom is separate from money. Microsoft's free 'drugs' are abuse, not


Liberation Fonts

,----[ Quote ]
| The first release is a set of fully usable fonts, but they will
| lack the fully hinting capability (hinting adjusts font pixelization 
| so that the fonts render with high quality at large and small sizes)
| provided by TrueType/FreeType technology. That release is now ready.
| The second release will provide full hinting of the fonts, and that
| release will be available by the end of the calendar year.

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