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[News] Free Software Builds Opportunity for More Businesses

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Open source opens doors for small businesses

,----[ Quote ]
| The city, which has played a prominent role in the OSS movement, is home to 
| ActiveState and Bryght, the former being one of the first commercial OSS 
| developers; the latter being the first company to use Drupal – a popular 
| OSS – as its sole product development platform.   


On the other hand, non-Free software gravitates towards monopolies and numerous
forms of abuse.


Socialist Party Netherlands wants to abolish Windows monopoly

,----[ Quote ]
| She asked the minister of state if he is prepared to ask the Dutch Rivalry 
| Authority NMa (Institution that controls economical abuse, competition etc.) 
| to research if Microsoft is in an illegal monopoly position at the moment.  


Dutch Consumer Association declares war on Vista


Why the Unbundling Windows Sceptics are Wrong

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has introduced a number of measures in recent versions of Windows 
| which are designed to stop piracy of Windows. In effect, they have provided 
| their own answer to this question.  


Users split over naked PCs

,----[ Quote ]
| The high cost to business of having Windows pre-installed on PCs was 
| certainly an issue for ZDNet.co.uk's sister site silicon.com's CIO Jury. 
| Three-quarters of the jury backed calls for naked PCs, not only to foster 
| diversity in operating systems but also to bring down costs.   
| On the business side, several reader comments point to the fact many 
| companies do not use pre-installed operating systems but rather choose to 
| install a "standard image" on each machine. By starting from a naked PC, 
| businesses would at least save time (due to not having to delete the existing 
| installation), if not cash too, they said.    


Are 'naked PCs' good for businesses?

,----[ Quote ]
| Three-quarters of silicon.com's 12-strong CIO Jury IT director panel have now 
| backed that call for naked PCs, although the argument is far from 
| straightforward.  


Italian Judge Tells HP To Refund Pre-Installed XP

,----[ Quote ]
| The court ruled in favor of the user (Google translation from the Italian), 
| who received back €90 for XP and €50 for Works. 


Man wins damages from Acer over Windows refund 

,----[ Quote ]
| Initially, Acer had offered only €30 if the man returned elements of the 
| install at his own expense.
| [..]
| According to this web site, not only did Antoine Gutzwiller get a
| full refund on a list of the software bundled his machine, but got
| €500 extra for what the court dubbed Abusive Resistance.


Unbundling Microsoft Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| Computers in the European Union should be sold without a bundled operating 
| system, according to this submission to the European Commission. It says that 
| the bundling of Microsoft Windows with computers is not in the public 
| interest, and prevents meaningful competition in the operating system market.   


Free-market think tank urges EU to unbundle Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| The Globalisation Institute, a European think-tank run by free market 
| advocates, today went on the offensive against Microsoft, calling on the EU 
| to require all PCs to be sold without operating systems.  


French consumer group attacks PC software bundling

,----[ Quote ]
| UFC-Que Choisir legal officer Sandra Wouhling said current
| practice effectively forced ordinary consumers to buy computers
| using Microsoft operating systems whereas companies anda
| dministrations were offered a real choice.


Jury Hears Microsoft Competition Suit

,----[ Quote ]
| A judge on Friday told jurors they must accept as fact that a
| federal court found in 1999 that Microsoft holds a monopoly over
| computer operating systems and that it restricted computer
| manufacturers' ability to use competing systems.
| [...]
| She said she'll show that the company used its monopoly power
| to exclude competition and control prices and that it conspired with
| other companies to restrain trade, maintaining what she called a
| chokehold on software competitors and computer manufacturers.
| "It isn't illegal to be successful," Conlin said in opening
| remarks. "We applaud that. ... But you can't freeze out competitors
| and punish and retaliate against people who cooperate with
| competitors. Microsoft did all that and more."

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