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Re: [News] Bullet Comes with Linux SDK

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Thursday 06 November 2008 17:49 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Why Linux won the embedded market?
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> One story not told often enough involves Linux’ growing
>>> domination of the embedded market.
>> `----
>> http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=2501
>> Linux still top embedded OS
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> In a new whitepaper on Linux in the embedded market, VDC
>>> researchers cite the following reasons for Linux's
>>> popularity:
>>>   * Licensing cost advantages
>>>   * Flexibility of source code access
>>>   * General familiarity
>>>   * Maturing ecosystem of applications and tools
>>>   * Growing developer experience with Linux as an
>>> embedded OS
>> `----
>> http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS4920597981.html
> It is why it is cleaning Microsoft's plate on the lower end
> netbooks.  People want an appliance to use, XP and Vista are too
> heavy to run on those, or run sluggish compared to Linux's
> sparkling performance.

They tie up the vendors now (ASUS admits it) and try to artificially elevate
the specs (and price). That's back to price-fixing days where they also set
the rules on hardware spendings. ARM/MIPS ain't far away now... weeks/months

Both Intel and Microsoft are scared. Intel has already begun throwing FUD at

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                ~~ Best of wishes

Microsoft loves competition.
"We should whack them (Dell over Linux dealings), we should make sure they
understand our value."
        --Paul Flessner, Senior Vice President, Server Applications Unit
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