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Re: [News] Bullet Comes with Linux SDK

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Thursday 06 November 2008 22:52 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> High Plains Thumper on Thursday :
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Why Linux won the embedded market?
>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>> One story not told often enough involves Linux’ growing
>>>>> domination of the embedded market.
>>>> `----
>>>> http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=2501
>>>> Linux still top embedded OS [...]
>>>> http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS4920597981.html
>>> It is why it is cleaning Microsoft's plate on the lower end
>>> netbooks.  People want an appliance to use, XP and Vista are
>>> too heavy to run on those, or run sluggish compared to
>>> Linux's sparkling performance.
>> They tie up the vendors now (ASUS admits it) and try to
>> artificially elevate the specs (and price). That's back to
>> price-fixing days where they also set the rules on hardware
>> spendings. ARM/MIPS ain't far away now... weeks/months away.
>> Both Intel and Microsoft are scared. Intel has already begun
>> throwing FUD at ARM.
> We are now suffering a worldwide recession.  People aren't going
> to be interested in upgrading their hardware and software, if
> they are concerned whether they will have enough to put groceries
> on the table and keep their vehicles fueled.
> These netbooks meet a niche, because they are inexpensive and
> work very well for the purposes of connectivity, obtaining E-mail
> and net browsing, and entertainment.  Gaming is a luxury.  There
> are new plethoras of on-line gaming that only require a browser
> for access.  Linux comes bundled with games that are overall
> entertaining.
> The trolls would rather one to believe that everyone is into
> premium real time graphics gaming, which is simply not true.
> A new netbook comes with new batteries and works like new, has a
> decent life and will go a long way to meet one's needs.  The
> discovery of how well Linux operates and apps will also have
> employers considering differing ways of doing business,
> streamline their computing operations.
> Thick clients are out.  Vista is dead.

Well, Linux has top-notch games. It just has /FEWER/ of them, but then again,
people don't require hundreds or thousands of top games. Nobody does.

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