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Re: [News] Bullet Comes with Linux SDK

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
High Plains Thumper on Thursday :
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

They tie up the vendors now (ASUS admits it) and try to artificially elevate the specs (and price). That's back to
price-fixing days where they also set the rules on
hardware spendings. ARM/MIPS ain't far away now...
weeks/months away.

Both Intel and Microsoft are scared. Intel has already
begun throwing FUD at ARM.

We are now suffering a worldwide recession.  People aren't
going to be interested in upgrading their hardware and
software, if they are concerned whether they will have
enough to put groceries on the table and keep their vehicles

These netbooks meet a niche, because they are inexpensive
and work very well for the purposes of connectivity,
obtaining E-mail and net browsing, and entertainment.
Gaming is a luxury.  There are new plethoras of on-line
gaming that only require a browser for access.  Linux comes
bundled with games that are overall entertaining.

The trolls would rather one to believe that everyone is into
 premium real time graphics gaming, which is simply not

A new netbook comes with new batteries and works like new,
has a decent life and will go a long way to meet one's
needs.  The discovery of how well Linux operates and apps
will also have employers considering differing ways of doing
business, streamline their computing operations.

Thick clients are out.  Vista is dead.

Well, Linux has top-notch games. It just has /FEWER/ of them,
but then again, people don't require hundreds or thousands of
top games. Nobody does.

They don't, and not everyone is into high resolution real-time 3D action gaming. My wife certainly isn't, but she enjoys a round of Mahjong or solitaire, which Linux certainly has good versions of.

Besides, as Linux gains in popularity especially with the netbook phenomena, we will see the gaming tilt towards Linux again as it did about 9 years ago.


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