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Re: [News] Bullet Comes with Linux SDK

DFS wrote:
High Plains Thumper wrote:

Besides, as Linux gains in popularity especially with the
netbook phenomena, we will see the gaming tilt towards Linux
again as it did about 9 years ago.

Only in your DREAMS did gaming "tilt" toward Linux anytime in
the past or future.

How many big game titles have been released for Linux in the
past year? One, maybe two?  And those are done ONLY because
the developers make their profit from Windows versions.

It's Windows subsidizing Linux... again.


Bill Gates has gone, what's his legacy?
From hippy to hanger-on
By Gavin Clarke in San Francisco
Posted in Applications, 30th June 2008 12:47 GMT

Open source and online services are real problems for Microsoft. In the 1990s Microsoft built a massive army of developers and partners around exciting new products that revolutionized computing. Windows did away with niche operating systems and Office set a standard on personal productivity, creating mass markets that individuals could buy in to and build for.

Years later, Microsoft is not generating that level of excitement anymore. Today’s generation of developers is excited about Google, Amazon and Facebook. Not just as online destinations, but also in terms of the raw code resources and support they are getting. That’s where Microsoft won in the 1990s - giving away for free or a low cost the tools and resources that helped developers build applications for Windows and Office. Now Google, Amazon and Facebook are doing the same.

John Lam, hired by Microsoft to lead its work on a version of Ruby for .NET, put it succinctly when he told a recent Silicon Valley scripting conference that Microsoft has lost a generation of developers.

They have not just gone online. Thanks to debacles like Windows Vista they have also gone over to the Mac as a development platform under an invigorated Apple. The foot dragging and self-serving politics that delivered a vendor-friendly but inflexible WS- architecture has seen developers adopt alternatives like Representational State Transfer (REST).

Ah, another troll's icon of success is slowly drifting away, as the arguments lack a certain "wow" that no longer exist.


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