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Re: [News] Bullet Comes with Linux SDK

DFS wrote:

> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>> These netbooks meet a niche, because they are inexpensive and work very
>> well for the purposes of connectivity, obtaining E-mail and net
>> browsing, and entertainment.
>> Gaming is a luxury.
> Only for the broke in the world.

Of course, it is foolish to argue with this troll as it relies heavily on
ad hominem attacks.  However, the world is not in such good financial
shape.  (Oh, and I must say with a bit of amusement, the news site is
apparently using OpenDocument!)


or http://tinyurl.com/57tbwf

[quote] IMF lowers world economic growth; India seen slowing down

Washington, Nov 6 (PTI) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) today
lowered India's economic growth forecast for next year to 6.3 per cent -
0.6 per cent less than what it had projected last month - as the financial
crisis envelops the world. Growth in world economic output for next year
is also likely to suffer, with the multilateral funding agency projecting
it to fall by 0.8 per cent at 2.2 per cent. [...]

Painting a scary picture of world trade, the IMF forecast suggests that
the global growth in volume of trade in goods and services would slide
from 7.2 per cent to 4.6 per cent in 2008 and dip to 2.1 per cent next
year. [...]

According to IMF projections, the UK will be the worst hit on account of
the global crisis and may witness contraction of its economy by 1.3 per
cent in 2009.

In addition, the advanced countries which will witness negative growth in
2009 include the US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan. PTI [/quote]

With the failures in the stock market, mortgage market and overall
worldwide recession, the least thing in most minds is gaming.

>> There are new plethoras of on-line gaming that only require a browser
>> for access.  Linux comes bundled with games that are overall
>> entertaining.
> Overall bullshit you mean.

Another unsubstantiated claim, which follows along the lines of:


7.6 Trespasser Disinformation Tactics

   17. Don't substantiate your claims.  Refuse to present evidence to
support your invalid claims. Repeat your invalid claims and have your
anti-Linux propagandist comrades do the same. Do the same for any invalid
claims that you have notice your anti-Linux propagandists comrades make.

   18. Don't discuss evidence counter to your position.  Avoid examining
or discussing evidence counter to your position. This is especially
effective when combined with 3.2.8, Dancing Fool, wherein you change your
position with every post.

>> The trolls would rather one to believe that everyone is into premium
>> real time graphics gaming, which is simply not true.
> Not everyone, but many many millions.  I've hardly played any games in
> about two years now, but I remember well the intense fun to be had with
> some of them.  Modern gaming on a decent Windows PCs can be a
> transcendent experience.  Linux can't compete.

See above.

>> A new netbook comes with new batteries and works like new, has a decent
>> life and will go a long way to meet one's needs.  The discovery of how
>> well Linux operates and apps will also have employers considering
>> differing ways of doing business, streamline their computing
>> operations.
>> Thick clients are out.  Vista is dead.
> Thick brains are out.  Vista has at least 20x as many users as Linux.

This whole post by DFS is an example of an ad hominen attack.


Ad hominem troll

Ad hominem troll at its simplest, will attack people personally, rather
than the merits of their statements or methodologies.

The ad hominem troll often has already lost a rational argument about a
topic, and thus its goal is to change the argument from being about a
topic, to being about the people opposed to the troll (which could mean
any/all rational person(s) in the discussion), in the hopes of both
discrediting people's ideas indirectly by discrediting the people, and
engendering an emotional reaction from the people by attacking their egos
/ self-image. The "getting a reaction out of" goal is common to most troll

The simple ad hominem troll is easily detected and dealt with by calling
them on their ad hominem attacks.

However, often ad hominem troll will start its discourse with seemingly
reasonable commentary, perhaps an analogy etc. Using rational tone, they
may lull you into thinking that they are rational in general and thus
their entire message should be considered rational. Once they have
established such an impression, then they will then descend into personal
attacks which may even sound reasonably worded, until you recognize them
for what they are, nothing more than personal attacks.

Example: thacker. thacker starts by ignoring the previous comment (which
itself was a rational challenge to thacker's earlier statements),
repeating himself (see the section below on Repeating themselves), then
moves onto an analogy. Afterwards he continues with personal attacks,
starting subtly worded, then increasingly harsh:

     * "some here, yourself included, will not see nor understand the
     * "Your noses are simply buried too deeply into the proverbial bark."
     * "Or you lack the courage, will, ability to step away and ask the
truly difficult questions. That is a shame."


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