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[News] GNU/Linux Runs Without Electricity

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Run Your Computer Network without Electricity

,----[ Quote ]
| Scott Johnson of GNUveau Networks has developed a solar-powered 
| Internet "hub" system, which runs Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Labeled as SolarNetOne, 
| Scott builds to order these systems at his home at Daytona Beach, Florida. 
| The system uses readily available hardware that Scott modifies to run on 
| 12V -- and to use minimal power than the stock versions. As these systems use 
| solar power, it's not only load-shedding proof but also results in huge 
| savings in electricity costs.        


GNUveau Networks builds solar-powered Linux computer networks for remote
villages (video)

,----[ Quote ]
| Scott Johnson of GNUveau Networks has developed a solar-powered 
| Internet "hub" system (running Ubuntu GNU/Linux) that he builds to order in 
| his Daytona Beach, Florida, home. His objective is to bring computers and the 
| Internet to places that have no connectivity, no phone service, and no 
| electricity.    



Linux devices manage broadband powerline network

,----[ Quote ]
| Mini-ITX systems running Linux will soon enable residents of rural Michigan 
| to access the Internet over their electrical power lines at broadband speeds. 
| The systems are also enabling the utility provider there to read meters, 
| monitor environmental factors, and diagnose outages remotely.   


Red Hat Linux trumps Microsoft Windows in power test

,----[ Quote ]
| RHEL 5 had the single widest lead, with 12% greater efficiency than Windows
| Server 2008 on IBM x3350. Results varied by hardware, but RHEL had the best
| overall performance in 13 of 16 tests and, in several trials, beat Windows by
| nearly 10% .


Report: Linux, open source greener than Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| A new report from the U.K. Office of Government Commerce about Open
| Source Software Trials in Government, has found that servers running
| Linux could combat the rising problem of e-waste because they last
| up to twice as long as machines running Windows.


Servers Get Their First Power and Performance Benchmark

,----[ Quote ]
| For the first forty years of the systems and server market, price/performance
| was basically the only metric that mattered within a given class of machines.
| But in the 21st century, when power and cooling issues are thwarting the
| attempts of companies to continue adding computing capacity at the rates they
| did in years gone by, there will be a new metric that people will start to
| pay attention to: performance/watt. To that end, the Standard Performance
| Evaluation Corporation has just release its first benchmark that gauges the  
| performance and power consumption of servers.      


Nije Shikhi, and GNOME on 12 Volt DC

,----[ Quote ]
| The computers to be used for that are based on the Geode platform,
| and are powered by a 12 volt DC battery (which is charged by
| solar cells). 


The BeagleBoard: $149 Linux System

,----[ Quote ]
| The beagleboard is low cost fanless development board with Linux support. And
| it is low cost, you can get one for $149 from digikey. And it is low power,
| it uses less than 2 Watts and can run via USB power (although it does have a
| secondary power input).


Fit PC runs Linux and draws only 5W of power

,----[ Quote ]
| There are power efficient computers and then there are power efficient
| computers.  Enter the Fit PC, a small, self-contained, fanless computer that
| draws 3W to 5W when it is on.  


Linux vs. Windows Power Usage

,----[ Quote ]
| For these tests we hadn't used the Lenovo ThinkPad R52 notebook again, but
| had turned to an older hardware configuration.  


Windows, Linux vie for honours

,----[ Quote ]
| Projects include the "tickles kernel" which enables the processor to sleep
| between tasks and better power management to USB peripherals.
| [...]
| That lightness had also allowed Linux to become a strong player in the
| embedded market, where energy efficiency was critical to success, Mr King
| said.  


Linutop Mini Linux PC Reviewed - Damn Small Linux Hardware

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linutop is a small Linux PC. Of course, if you think the Mac Mini is 
| small, then perhaps the words, incredibly miniscule are closer to the mark. 
| Running a customised version of xubuntu Linux, this little box could replace 
| your desktop for most common tasks, including what you're doing right now. 
| And if this wasn't impressive enough in a box slightly larger than a Nintendo 
| DS, the Linutop does it all drawing a maximum of 5 watts - That's less than 
| an energy saver light bulb!  


Linutop v1.2: low-power Linux desktop Revisited

,----[ Quote ]
| Tech reviews are very much a snapshot process, making a decision after a 
| relatively short period of time and of a single incarnation of the product. 
| Useful, yes, but not an exact facsimile of living with something day in, day 
| out that you’ve bought yourself.   


Linux web PC makers tout Linutop-like wares

,----[ Quote ]
| Linutop's recently announced Linux-based ultra-compact PC may have
| grabbed the hardware headlines earlier this week, but its rivals
| didn't take long to start shouting about their own take on the
| web-oriented unit.


Tiny PC sips power, runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Compulab has introduced a fanless PC, roughly the size of a paperback book, 
| that consumes a mere 3 to 5 watts of power. The "fit-PC" comes with Linux 
| preinstalled, and is intended to fit where conventional PCs won't, according 
| to the Haifa, Israel-based company.   


Linutop: Tiny Linux Computer On Sale

,----[ Quote ]
| Get ready for a bonkers-ly small Linux machine, called Linutop, as
| it comes on sale.


Tiny 2-Watt Linux system packs a light-weight Java runtime environment

,----[ Quote ]
| The Gateway Express is based on the company's SA2410 Medallion CPU
| module, draws under two watts, and is available with IBM WebSphere
| development tools.


SlashGear Review: Linutop's fanless Linux PC

,----[ Quote ]
| Much to my shame, Linux is something of a mystery to me.  Actually,
| I think they should teach at least the basics of it in school 
| computing classes, alongside English and at least one foreign 
| language (though don't ask me about my French abilities either), but 
| this is neither time nor place for my election campaigning.  And so I 
| look on with maudlin self-disgust at promises of Dell laptops with 
| Linux pre-installed, or clever thumb-drives and Live CDs that offer
| a chance to fiddle with the OS without ruining your everyday copy of
| Windows; I inevitably fold when faced with some sort of command
| prompt.  Perhaps, then, you?ll wonder why I was so keen to try the 
| Linutop, a surprisingly compact and silent diskless computer that
| runs a specially tweaked version of xubuntu.

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