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[News] EVE Online (MMOG) Comes to GNU/Linux Next Week

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EVE Online: Quantum Rise expansion coming Nov. 11

,----[ Quote ]
| CCP Games has announced November 11, 2008 as the release date for the latest 
| expansion to EVE Online, its Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) for Mac 
| OS X, Windows and Linux. The expansion, called Quantum Rise, will be a free 
| download for all players upon release.   



Eve Online Source Code Leaked

,----[ Quote ]
| Full source code for the client for popular MMORPG Eve Online was made 
| available recently via BitTorrent on The Pirate Bay.  Along with the torrent, 
| the user posts a chat transcript with a representative identified as 
| [IA]Morpheus from Eve’s developer and publisher CCP.  In the lengthy and 
| scatological exchange, the poster of the source code attempts to get some 
| answers about CCP’s much maligned security practices, particularly concerning 
| the rife issue of bots and scripting in their flagship game.  The 
| conversation was a little less than professional.       



EVE Online [now available for Linux]


EVE Online developers outline Mac conversion

,----[ Quote ]
| EVE Online is distributed as a download available from the EVE Online Web 
| site. It will be the same for Mac and Linux users. And Mac and Linux users 
| will be able to play in the same persistent online universe—
| called “Tranquility”—as Windows users. That means that EVE Online players all 
| participate in the same area, regardless of platform.    


Volunteers Wanted

,----[ Quote ]
| We are looking for some volunteers to help us with the testing of the new Mac 
| and Linux Clients. 


Eve Online for Mac and Linux operating systems

,----[ Quote ]
| Today CCP Games and TransGaming Partner announce to Bring EVE Online to new 
| platforms, being Linux and Mac. By the end of this year it should be possible 
| to play Eve on a Mac, finally!  
| On linux it was already possible through Cedega or a good configured WINE, 
| but now nothing extra will be needed. 


about the boot.ini issue

,----[ Quote ]
| Shortly after releasing EVE Online: Trinity at 22:04 GMT on Wednesday, 5 
| December, we started receiving reports that the Classic to Premium graphics 
| content upgrade was causing problems to players by deleting the file C:
| \boot.ini, which is a Windows system startup file. In some cases the computer 
| was not able to recover on the next startup and would not start until the 
| file had been fixed. In this dev blog I want to tell you how this happened.     
| In the weeks leading up to the release of Trinity, one of our concerns was 
| how to deliver this update to our players in a very short amount of time and 
| to players that might not all have a good internet connection. Significant 
| effort was therefore put into making the Classic to Premium graphics content 
| upgrade as small as possible at various stages in the process.    

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