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Re: All Wintrolls gone off air all of a sudden simultaneously!

Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
On Tue, 04 Nov 2008 10:02:59 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

Was it not your prediction (among others') that mobile
computing like this would cannibalise sales of so-called
'desktops'? According to the shillnalysts, that's already
happening. There's no Vista in this space and the expiring
version of Windows is almost given away now... still, almost
half the units are sold with GNU/Linux, including
specially-customed ones like the software/layer from H-P.

Funny how you seem to have missed Asus's claim that XP
outsells Linux on netbooks 7:3.  That's not even close to
"almost half", but it's nice that you admit that Windows
outsells Linux on netbooks.


"Currently, netbooks with a hard drive are the mainstream
specification accounting for 70% of total shipments, while
SSDs account for the other 30%. The ratio of Eee PCs preloaded
Windows XP and Linux stands at 7:3"

Interesting how the numbers are changing. Before, many of our trolls here were spouting that Linux only has 0.6% of the market share. Now the argument has changed to 30% of ASUS netbooks in US are acclaimed now to have Linux. Vista has been the best thing that Microsoft has done to boost Linux sales. People want Linux, as illustrated in this article:


Australians Demand Linux Netbooks
Oct. 26th, 2008 by The VAR Guy

The VAR Guy, as you may have heard, left the states to visit Australia this week. While wandering around Melbourne on October 26, The VAR Guy stumbled into Geek Central. The 13-year-old company has three upscale retail locations in the area, servicing consumers while also offering on-site IT support to small businesses.

Geek Central’s store had numerous Netbooks — those low-cost sub-notebooks — on display. Fact is, Netbooks are everywhere in Melbourne, with most local retailers carrying Asus’s Eee PC.

Now for the twist: Initially, Geek Central only carried Windows XP-based Netbooks. But customer demand for Linux-based Netbooks was overwhelming, according to Mike — a Geek Central mate who gave The VAR Guy the scoop.

Within weeks of adding Linux Netbooks to Geek Central’s product portfolio, the results were startling. Roughly one-third of the Netbook sales involved Linux rather than Windows, according to The VAR Guy’s local source.

Australians want the Linux netbooks and they are selling like hotcakes.


In US, the netbooks are not being carried by larger retails out of fear that they will cut into profitable laptop sales. The user buys on-line and does not have a chance to hands on try it out:

jkOnTheRun reasons that this isn't terribly surprising. Considering the low price of Linux netbooks, and their rarity at larger retailers that might allow new users to "kick the tires," it seems that many new users leap, then look. [...] He also stated that many big box retailers are hesitant to stock netbooks in stores, because they might cut into sales of higher priced notebooks.

The Linux sales potential is there. MSI previously not available in US with Linux loaded is now being planned:

There are a few things to note, before continuing. MSI's Wind is not available with Linux as a pre-installed operating system in the United States -- yet. A Linux option is planned -- or maybe the correct phrase would be "has been in the works for a very long time." It was announced previously that the Wind would run a modified version of Novell's SUSE Linux, but Tung has indicated that this is not set in stone.

Sales in retails stores, where a user can check one out before buying would help overcome the stigma, that Linux is not Windows:

More netbooks -- Linux, or otherwise -- in "standard" retail outlets could reduce the return rate, if only because buyers could see, feel, and try out, even just briefly, the hardware and the software. The product is tangible, the software is right there, and the abstract idea of "Linux" is given a solid form.

Oddly enough, I have not seen netbooks, albeit either Linux or XP selling in Wall-mart.

Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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