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Re: All Wintrolls gone off air all of a sudden simultaneously!

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> ____/ Mark Kent on Tuesday 04 November 2008 09:20 : \____
>> High Plains Thumper <highplainsthumper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>> Terry Porter wrote:
>>>> 7 wrote:
>>>>> All the Wintrolls gone off air all of a sudden
>>>>> simultaneously!!!! The majority of the wintrolls have
>>>>> stopped posting simultaneously?!!!
>>>>> What happened? All the socks gone to a gay bath house at the
>>>>> same time? And the Linux hate blogs are also going off the
>>>>> air. May be they all went to some meeting at Redmond?
>>>>> Anyone know?
>>>> I did LART the "Level3.com troll" about a week ago, maybe
>>>> Level3.com ISP took some action?
>>>>> Anyone care??
>>>> They are a blight on humanity, that's for sure.
>>>> On the odd occasion we did get some quality Windows Advocates
>>>> here on COLA, and it was a pleasure to debate with them.
>>>> They made Funkenbusch look like the Wintroll he really is.
>>> They're running out of steam.  One thing to bring Linux home has
>>> been the netbooks.  Most people are wanting an inexpensive
>>> appliance.  One does not need much to do the dailty things,
>>> connect on-line at a local Internet cafe or motel lobby, browse
>>> the net, get E-mail, shop on-line, chat, etc.  THey are compact,
>>> relatively inexpensive, make good replacements for PDA's.
>>> Also, if one gets lost or stolen, it is not a big financial
>>> upset.  Bang out a short report for meeting minutes, expense
>>> report using OpenOffice, E-mail it to work.
>>> Linux doesn't need costly anti-virus or an office suite that is a
>>> trial version for a shot time, then must pay the piper, negating
>>> its cost effectiveness.
>> The netbook also plays well to the green agenda;  most people I speak to
>> these days are more concerned with reducing power consumption because of
>> both its environmental impact, and also its advantages in terms of
>> reducing costs in times of recession, great for home users, companies,
>> governments, schools, anyone on the move.
> Was it not your prediction (among others') that mobile computing like this
> would cannibalise sales of so-called 'desktops'? According to the
> shillnalysts, that's already happening. There's no Vista in this space and the
> expiring version of Windows is almost given away now... still, almost half the
> units are sold with GNU/Linux, including specially-customed ones like the
> software/layer from H-P.

Yes, it was exactly my prediction that the traditional 1970s desktop
model of computing would, once and for all, be destroyed by mobility,
and that Linux would emerge as the winner in the mobility space.
Further, I predicted that for most users, and migration to appliances
for functional use rather than "general purpose" computers would be the
natural direction.

Each of these predictions are coming true rapidly indeed, with mobility
on Android, LiMo, OpenMoko moving forward at a stunning pace, and
equally, the web tablet market showing strong Linux bias with N770,
N800, N810, and the netbook market with Asus Eee and Acer Linux

This area became so damaging for Microsoft that they had to change their
already published EOL date for XP, resurrecting it for netbooks, as
Vista is unable to compete with Linux in that space at all.

Each time I check the Amazon netbook list, at least 50% of the machines
are Linux-installed, so Linux is clearly selling exceedingly well in
this space.

In terms of appliances, just look at TomTom, Garmin, Archos, Chumby,
Bubba Excito etc. etc.

The desktop is very dead.  Long live mobile linux.

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