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[News] GNU/Linux Works for the Family, Learning Curve is Moderate

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Linux *is* granny-compatible, since long

,----[ Quote ]
| Concerning our aunt: she will be very pleased with Ubuntu, I’m sure. As a 
| normal home user nowadays, you don’t need much more - she’s happy with her 
| Mahjongg for herself and Planet Penguin Racer for some grand children. Never 
| had a happier “customer” than her - which shows that Linux just works, no 
| matter which age the “target” “customer” is. For her, she never asked for 
| something else. And if that isn’t a success story on its own, then I dunno 
| what would be.      


The Linux learning curve is flatter than ever.

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the biggest so called barriers to adopting Linux is what is called the 
| learning curve. Many people describe the learning curve for Linux to be a 
| steep one. It used to be but not any more.  
| A steep learning curve is where to be able to use what you are learning 
| effectively you need to learn a lot. The more you have to learn the steeper 
| the learning curve. The less you have to learn the flatter the learning curve 
| (duh!).    



Foresight Kid's can inspire young minds

,----[ Quote ]
| My 4-year-old granddaughter test drove Foresight Kid's Edition and had a
| wonderful time. Her previous computer experience didn't include menu
| operation as far as I knew, but she had observed its use. Up until this point
| she had been accustomed to finding the icons for Tuxpaint and Frozen Bubble
| on the desktop. Possibly due to the contrast, she was first drawn to the
| Trash icon, but it didn't take long before she was clicking the menu start
| button. When the menu unfolded, she moved the cursor to the snaky Nibbles
| icon and clicked.
| [...]
| Foresight Kid's Edition is a useful system for children of all ages. From an
| educational tool to an everyday desktop, Foresight Kid's seems to be quite
| flexible despite its emphasis on young ones. It would be particularly handy
| for setting up a system for children using an older computer you were
| thinking of throwing out, or a replacement for other systems that are prone
| to dangerous malware.

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