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[News] GNU/Linux Turns Redundant PCs to Media Servers

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Using Your Linux Computer As A Media Server (Part 2)

,----[ Quote ]
| Previously, I have discussed how you can use your Linux computer as a media 
| center. Now, if you are not in front of your Linux machine most of the time, 
| but still want to access all your media files from any internet connected 
| devices such as your smart phone, workplace computer, PDA or even PS3, the 
| only option is to set up your Linux computer as a media server and stream 
| your multimedia content to wherever you are over the internet.     



Start a New Linux-based Fetish With a New Media Server

,----[ Quote ]
| So a new Linux-based media server to be released this month might be the
| ticket to keep the penguin-jonesing on track. However, there are two warning
| flags that must be thrown: It's expensive ($2000) and comes from a company,
| Cirgon, best known for digital frames.
| Following in the growing strategy of niche-seeking companies offering
| Linux-based products, Cirgon's Encore supports 1080i HD resolution and
| features 320GB, 500GB, and 750GB hard drive options. Its Fedora-Linux OS is
| tasked with managing music, photo, and video, but will also come with a
| simple graphic design (see below). In other words, don't expect the sweet
| stylings of the Apple TV's UI.


HD-ready media server runs Fedora Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Next month, Cirgon will announce and ship a Fedora Linux-based media server
| that supports 1080i HD resolution. The Encore offers 320GB, 500GB, and 750GB
| hard drive options, and controls management and playback of music, photos,
| and video for use with an HD-based home theater system.



Set Up A Linux Playstation 3 Media Server (Ubuntu Hardy Heron)

,----[ Quote ]
| The Sony Play station 3 is a DLNA compatible device, DLNA is a framework
| where home electronics can share digital media and content seamlessly. This
| tutorial will provide instructions on setting up your Ubuntu hardy computer
| to share your video, music and photos, allowing you to play them through your
| DLNA compatible devices. Although several other open source media servers
| exist, i chose to use Fuppes due to its built in support for transcoding.


ARC Rides Embedded Linux Wave into Home Media Servers and Converged Mobile

,----[ Quote ]
| ARC is optimizing, delivering, and directly supporting versions of Embedded
| Linux 2.6, and GNU tools based on GCC 4.2 and future versions. Now ARC
| customers can access the latest versions of open source software and direct
| support from the people who are the best at developing software for ARC
| platforms. These technologies can be used in combination with the growing
| amount of application specific middleware and software based on the GNU/Linux
| platform.


[Microsoft employee:] My $300 UPNP Media Server and NAS (On Ubuntu)

,----[ Quote ]
| First, I'll mention that there are indeed off-the-shelf NAS solutions that do
| this, such as the DNS-323.  I've had pretty bad experience with these, and in
| my case i'm actually replacing my DNS-323 becuase I was just tired of the
| constant lock-ups/failures/etc.  


Interact-TV Unveils the T2 Media Server With Over 2 Terabytes of Media

,----[ Quote ]
| Interact-TV has unveiled the T2 Media Server, a new generation of
| Linux Media Center that includes high-definiton 720p Component
| video output, all new MPEG2 video encoding, and over 2.25
| Terabytes of media storage in one compact device ideal for any
| stereo cabinet, entertainment center or home theater.


Linux-Based Media Servers Developer Interact-TV Unveils New ProTelly
Product Line

,----[ Quote ]
| Interact-TV , developer of Linux-based media servers, unveiled the
| ProTelly product line which offers enhanced Home Entertainment
| Servers designed and configured exclusively for the growing CEDIA
| market.


Device Profile: Russound SMS3 home media server

,----[ Quote ]
| Whole-house stereo specialist Russound used embedded Linux as the basis of
| its first media server. The SMS3 is a hard-drive-based media server for
| standalone or multi-zone use.

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