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[News] New Review of Sabayon GNU/Linux 3.5 (Pod)

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Review: Sabayon 3.5 Pod

,----[ Quote ]
| Since both Gentoo and Sabayon were included on this Linux Format DVD, I 
| decided I would first try and install Gentoo and then Sabayon and compare how 
| easy the installations were since Sabayon is a derivative distro from Gentoo.   



The road to Sabayon 4

,----[ Quote ]
| Some of them are: KDE4, GNOME 2.24, 2.6.27/28 kernel, i686 CHOST, new theme,
| Entropy 0.24. To sum up, it’s something I’ve been working on since Jan. 2007,
| more than 150000 lines of code, AI.


Sabayon 3.5: Fun, as a Live DVD

,----[ Quote ]
| Sabayon has been an interesting distribution in the past. Their emphasis on
| including games, 3D drivers, and multimedia support out of the box has
| endeared them to me.
| However I've never actually chosen to use the distribution regularly, opting
| instead to play with the live games from time to time.
| While searching for a different kind of distribution to throw on Rig 4,
| Sabayon 3.5 came up. Given my pleasant past experiences I decided to give it
| a try.


Another tremendous surprise

,----[ Quote ]
| Sabayon is a Gentoo-based distro, offering the simplicity and ease of use
| more typical of Ubuntu or PCLinuxOS. Alongside the Slackware-based Wolvix,
| Sabayon is a most refreshing addition to the ever-growing world of friendly
| desktop distros.


Review: Sabayon Linux 3.5

,----[ Quote ]
| Sabayon 3.5 is a definite step up from 3.4a, despite only being a single
| subversion higher.  The improvements and changes allow for a very complete,
| complex, yet simple and easy to use Linux distribution that can serve the
| needs of everyone from the UMPC and older PC users to those with the latest,
| greatest hardware.  Sabayon Linux 3.5 really has a something for everyone,
| and it does an excellent job of fulfilling their motto of "Dreams we can
| believe in."  And Sabayon 3.5 is more than a dream I can believe in, it's a
| reality I can use and trust.


Sabayon 3.5

,----[ Quote ]
| The speed and stability of Gentoo are still present as well as it's
| incredible selection of packages and other associated overlays. Now this may
| sound like this is simply a more user friendly version of Gentoo, but it is
| so much more.


SabayonLinux 3.5 - Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Conclusion:
| Sabayon's Advantages:
|     * Hardware detection
|     * 3D desktop effects integration
|     * Complete package selection
|     * Spritz Package Manager
|     * KDE customization and artwork
|     * Latest packages and updates
|     * Games



Sabayon Linux 3.4 review

,----[ Quote ]
| Sabayon is one distribution that can give all major distributions a run for
| their money and it is almost there as well. The power of open source can not
| be felt with binary distribution packages, the real power comes with custom
| compilation, and an environment that provides an easy way to do the same.
| Sabayon is the kind of environment that one should be looking at if s/he
| wants to harnass the true power.    
| Hope that sabayon mantains its right track and iron out the rough corners so
| that we can rely on a really briliant star.

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