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Re: Windows 7: The 'Dog Food' Tastes Bad

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____/ Ben on Sunday 02 November 2008 18:32 : \____

> nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> <Quote>
>> Not wanting to rag on something publicly that I hadn't experienced
>> intimately myself, I decided to take the plunge (called "eating your
>> own dog food" in developer parlance) and see if I could move over full-
>> time to the new Windows 7 M3 pre-beta. After all, with an essentially
>> unmodified kernel and no major changes to the security model, how bad
>> could it be?
>> Apparently, a lot worse than I thought....
>> And it [Daemon Tools] broke. Not in any minor, cosmetic way, either.
>> It broke big time....
>> However, that sour taste of a failed transition was already building
>> in my mouth. So when Skype 3.8 started freaking out (randomly crashing
>> a few minutes after initial program load) I knew I was in trouble...
>> What was a show-stopper was VMware Workstation 6.5....You see, VMware
>> didn't just get quirky under Windows 7. It became unusable.   In the
>> end, this was the straw that broke the camel's back..... I'm starting
>> to wonder if there isn't something malicious going on here, sort of
>> like how Microsoft would deliberately break QEMM with each new version
>> of DOS-based Windows.
>> Regardless, my real takeaway from all of this is that, despite leaving
>> the core Vista kernel and driver model intact, Microsoft is still
>> finding ways to break applications. So much for the whole "seamless
>> transition" promise to Vista users....this sort of incompatibility
>> nuttiness simply shouldn't exist -- not for an OS that is just a
>> lipstick tube away from its piggish predecessor.
>> </Quote>
> I agree -- To say that Microsoft (supposedly) employ some of the best
> developers in the world, and are still unable to produce a fully stable
> operating system with full backwards compatibility -every- single
> release cycle, it says something to me. I really don't see what the
> point would be of upgrading from Vista to Windows 7, when it's
> essentially a glorified Windows Vista.

Microsoft was never ahead of the curve. Moreover, lacking competition that it
bought out of destroyed, it became complacent and greedy (features it could
not implements).
> I know half a dozen Windows users who are planning to switch to one
> Linux distro or another by the time Windows 7 is released, half of whom
> aren't technically minded people, which says something too.

I know people who already moved. Things like AutoCAD and Halo don't stop them
(without or without compatibility layers) because they use the basics. It's
possible that as the barrier to entry in computing is lowered (emerging
markets going digital), about 80% of the users won't require anything beyond
the basics.

How many people truly require and need complexity like macros, let alone
complexity like viruses, Registry bloat and disk fragmentation?

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