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Re: Wintrolls are a laugh a minute!

On 2008-10-31, Terry Porter <linux-2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
> Recently one (or more) of the Cola Wintrolls was squealing that "Roy 
> Schestowitz is "making a fortune with his postings on Cola"
> Now I don't know if Roy *IS* making a fortune, but I know that Wintrolls 
> cannot be believed, under any circumstances.
> Let's assume that Roy, *IS* making a "fortune" from his excellent news 
> post to COLA ?

The Windummies wish they could go to a pro-Winders group and post good
things so they could make money from it. But they have three major
problems they'd have to overcome:

1. There's nothing good to post about the monopoly or the products
produced by them.

2. There wouldn't be much of an audience in a Windwoes advacacy group
because nobody really likes it.

3. If they somehow found a person in a Windross advocacy group, that
person wouldn't believe anything good that was posted about the OS
because anybody seeing it would know it's a lie without researching any

> While the pasty faced and unemployable losers known as Wintrolls have 
> been spending hours a day on COLA for years, posting drivel about how 
> Linux sucks and no one can make money from it, you've made a fortune !!!
> BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, ..... oh my aching ribs...
> Good value too Roy, we Linux advocates love ya!
> Think of us while you're sipping that Pina Colada on your Mega Yacht, 
> surrounded by beautiful women, (made possible with all the money you're 
> making on Cola) and we will raise our glasses to you :)

I know Roy doesn't make anything. But the value of the ulcers and high
blood pressure he causes the Windopes with his good linux news and bad
monopoly news is worth billions.

If you can't make it good, at least make it look good.
 -- Bill Gates
What happened to Vista, then? Neither one happened.
 -- Sinister Midget

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