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Re: [News] New Sound Server for Linux, Linux Remote Control

On Fri, 31 Oct 2008 18:08:11 GMT, philicorda wrote:

> Energy-xt has a native Linux version too. It's nearer a DAW than a 
> tracker, but that is a good thing IMHO. :)

I've used Energy under Windows and it's a fairly decent piece of software
for the money. The drum track is a unique feature that allows setting up
grooves quickly for ad-hoc composing. I've never tried Linux but from what
I understand it's quite difficult to get it running with low latency.
Currently I am using Nuendo 3 although I am starting to get into Reaper
which also works with Linux but through an emulator of sorts.
Both are run under Windows XP because I had a terrible experience with
Vista and ended downgrading my system back to Windows XP. It's my opinion
that Vista is a terrible choice for a digital audio workstation. Some of
the Sonar users have had luck with Vista, but most people I deal with are
staying with Windows XP or are planning to move to Apple products.

> They also mention in that article that Garritan are planning a port of 
> their new ARIA sampler engine. It's interesting to see more commercial 
> audio software appearing. 

Garritan is a major player with their Bigband and Steinway products.
I use both and have had good results with them.
> So far it appears that commercial developers are using Jack/LV1+2, so 
> they can interface with the open source software like Ardour etc. This is 
> important as it means they are integrating their products into the 
> existing Linux audio world, rather than just doing quick and lazy ports.

I have no idea what those programs are or do.
I would like to see  Linux version's of Nuendo and Reaper.

Charlie Olsen
Long Live The Big Bands

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