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[News] Free/Open Source Software in Education, Enterprise

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Open Source Heads Off to School

,----[ Quote ]
| Today brings a couple of new announcements on how open source software tools 
| are pushing forward in the online education and educational collaboration 
| markets. Fresh on the heels of news of its hookup with Dimdim, a maker of 
| open source conferencing software, Zimbra has announced a new hosted set of 
| services focused on schools. In other news, Wimba, which makes collaboration 
| tools for education, is in a partnership involving the popular open source 
| e-learning platform Moodle. Here are the details.      
| [...]
| While fees are implied by both Zimbra's and Wimba's services, it's good to 
| see open source components going into these educational offerings. Some of 
| these tools are getting lots of recognition. For example, Moodle was a 
| finalist in SourceForge's most recent Community Choice Awards for the best 
| open source software. Hopefully, these applications can keep the costs to 
| schools low so that online collaboration and classes can continue to grow.      


Open Enterprise Interview: Dirk Morris, Untangle

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the reasons the open source development methodology is so powerful is 
| because of the modularisation that lies at its heart. 
| This allows those with a particular expertise to work on the module they are 
| best able to improve, and for all such modules to be slotted together thanks 
| to the clean interfaces between them. And at a higher level, the open source 
| world is made up of many independent projects – unlike the world of Windows, 
| say, where the ecosystem revolves around and is dependent on Microsoft's 
| strategic decisions to a high degree - each able to proceed at a speed and in 
| a direction that suits them best.     



Why wait?

,----[ Quote ]
| Most distros have a new release every six months to one year. In six years, 
| you could finally be getting a glimpse of the newest Windows operating 
| system, or better yet you could be using a Linux distro that's several 
| generations ahead of its competition.   


Fear of the Dark

,----[ Quote ]
| What can Microsoft really do?
| In short - it can delay the domination of GNU/Linux on the market and nothing 
| more. I have no idea how much time will that take. Five, fifteen, fifty 
| years? Microsoft’s “actions” are bothersome, however, it does not change the 
| fact that GNU/Linux is generally favored by the Big Business. Have a look 
| around: supercomputers, film industry, academic circles, WWW servers, 
| embedded systems, Dell, Lenovo or IBM’s actions. GNU/Linux (I am referring 
| here more to the phenomenon rather than to a particular product) is 
| ubiquitous and used commonly by companies which could paradoxically afford a 
| commercial solution (Google for example).         


The inevitability of free software

,----[ Quote ]
| Is software a product or a utility? Free software proponents say it's as 
| critical to economic progress as fresh drinking water. 


2010: The year of the Linux Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Given that, as per Wikipedia, “Moore’s Law is the empirical
| observation made in 1965 that the number of transistors on an
| integrated circuit for minimum component cost doubles every 24
| months.” couldn’t that alternately mean that computers might drop in
| price with the same RAM?


IBM SVP Steve Mills: Open Source Is Inevitable

,----[ Quote ]
| "The [free] WebSphere Community Edition conforms to the Apache Geronimo 
| standard, and we download more than 20,000 copies a week -- a week! The 
| majority of users don't buy a maintenance contract from us. They are just 
| happy to get a copy and do what they do, and they don't have to tell us 
| what they are doing."    


Linux is Poised to Take Over the World

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the biggest complaints I hear from computer users is how
| quickly their computers are made obsolete, either by the introduction
| of new software, demanding faster processors, more memory and better
| video cards, or else a new version of an operating system, demanding
| the same things. Linux, because of so many varieties, can be made
| into a perfect fit for almost any computer, no matter how old.


Towards a complete Free Software market

,----[ Quote ]
| The point being missed here is that these people have already gone
| through quite a good deal of inconvenience with Microsoft Windows,
| an inconvenience which actually very likely outways the inconvenience
| that is anticipated with a Free Software box. What is this 
| inconvenience? Do we really need a list? Aren't the price of
| additional applications they have to buy after they bought 
| the computer, the DRM restrictions dictating how they use their
| computer, the instability and insecurity caused by the proprietary
| hidden architecture of the system and the resulting blue screens
| of death, enough??


CollabNet Bonds Linux Vendors

,----[ Quote ]
| "Microsoft has released a few open source projects, but they still
| have a concern that it's threatening to their revenue stream."
|  -Brian Behlendorf,
|   CollabNet


Change is maddeningly inevitable

,----[ Quote ]
| To broaden or not broaden the GNU/Linux user base. This topic has
| generated a ton of discussion and emotion within the community.
| Whatever your particular stance, one thing is guaranteed. Change!
| And human beings are typically adverse to Change!
| [...]
| More and more people are drawn to GNU/Linux and free software in
| order to access and participate in our online, global culture.
| The user base is ALREADY broadening.
| Second, I believe the GNU/Linux and free software community has
| an ethical responsibility to expand the user base. We must take 
| advantage of the decreasing hardware costs coupled with free
| software to make computing technologies more available to poorer
| nations/individuals. Imagine the boost some schools could receive
| with the gift of a single computer loaded with KDE's Edutainment
| package and internet access to Wikipedia.


Open source makes inroads

,----[ Quote ]
| Software makers are looking to open up new markets with low-cost offerings 
| for both well-established businesses and countries starting from scratch.
| Sun's plan for open-source chips bears fruit
| Red Hat releases Xen-enabled Linux beta
| Millionaire cosmonaut takes on Microsoft
| Wikipedia's list of open-source games
| SGI's Unix variant fading into history
| Photos: Greenphone taps Linux know-how
| FreeDOS finally hits 1.0 milestone
| German GPL defender claims legal victory
| South Korea to redraw its maps with open source


As Mobile Phones Grow More Complex, Carriers Insist on Fewer Operating

,----[ Quote ]
| Fabrizio Capobianco, chief executive of Funambol, an open-source
| software company based in Redwood City, Calif., that has developed a
| highly popular e-mail program for mobile devices, said, "I don't
| see convergence of the operating systems happening anytime soon."
| Citing Apple's new phone, Mr. Capobianco, who began as a
| technology entrepreneur in Italy, added, "Vodafone is trying to
| standardize by going with three operating systems, but now the
| iPhone is coming, so they will have to have at least four."


I predict a DRM riot

,----[ Quote ]
| DRM is, it seems, doomed to fail in the short term. There is just no
| way around the fact that for now keys will always get cracked and
| when they do that crack will always find its way into the public
| domain. Try to stop it, as Digg inadvertently discovered, and you
| will have a full scale Internet riot on your hands. 


Digital World: The dollars and sense of Linux migration

,----[ Quote ]
| And yet, I really do believe that the Linux revolution (or maybe
| evolution) is inevitable. Necessity is the mother of invention,
| as they say, and as users try to upgrade to Windows Vista and
| experience the "benefits" of upgrading most of them didn't
| count on, I think at least some of them will be amenable to
| considering Linux. 

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