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[News] Video of PackageKit in Action Under GNU/Linux

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Video: Spotlight on PackageKit

,----[ Quote ]
| In the second installment of the Spotlight On series, we feature Red Hat 
| engineer Richard Hughes on the fantastic new abstraction layer called 
| PackageKit. PackageKit allows users to manage packages in a secure way using 
| a cross-distro, cross-architecture API.    



PackageKit finds sweet spot in quest for universal package tools

,----[ Quote ]
| Different GNU/Linux distributions provide incompatible systems for package
| management, and to date no one has quite figured out a foolproof way to get
| the best of them all. But where the alien utility tries to convert between
| major package formats, and Smart and Klik try to imagine new, universal forms
| of software installation, PackageKit has the more modest goal of supplying a
| universal front end that leaves the native package systems intact underneath.
| As Richard Hughes, the project lead for PackageKit, puts it, "PackageKit is a
| glue layer between the distro-specific parts, and some prettiness."



Installing applications on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows users are quite used to putting in a CD and clicking on whatever
| comes up. Alternatively, you can download an exe or msi file from a website
| and install that. So, how do you install applications in Linux?
| When you install Linux on your PC or laptop, it usually has some preloaded
| applications. Ubuntu comes with OpenOffice, a PDF reader, some basic games,
| some audio and video players and other things. It is pretty complete as it
| is, but I have been using Linux for a while and have my own favourite
| applications for doing things.


Software installation woes on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| While we gracefully installed our favorite Linux distro, one of the mundane
| problems which most users face is - installing a new software. In the
| beginning, software installation on a Linux distro can seem extremely
| intimidating while using a terminal but more often than not we can install
| things graphically. Installing software on Linux is not only easier than most
| of us think, but it also has some special features which help software’s to
| be updated automatically!

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