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Re: [News] Hard to Find Anything That Does Not Run Linux...

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____/ Peter Köhlmann on Wednesday 29 October 2008 22:54 : \____

> TomB wrote:
>> On 2008-10-29, amicus_curious was urged to write the following:
>>> "Terry Porter" <linux-2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:iMydnWYuqYHUfprUnZ2dnUVZ_qDinZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> On Fri, 24 Oct 2008 01:44:11 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>> | Finally, Moore's Law and the general trend toward cheaper and faster
>>>>> hardware | means that Linux now fits into even more places than it did
>>>>> before. We | normally think of Linux as an operating system for
>>>>> servers, or even for | desktop computers. But we can expect Linux to be
>>>>> at the heart of a growing | number of appliances, from video-on-demand
>>>>> devices to digital video recorders | (e.g., TiVo), to cellphones (e.g.,
>>>>> Android and OpenMoko). The Linux-powered | refrigerator, with a
>>>>> built-in bar-code scanner that can tell you how long ago | you bought
>>>>> milk, isn't far behind.
>>>>> `----
>>>>> http://ostatic.com/158401-blog/linux-is-truly-everywhere
>>>> My TV, a 32" LG HIDEF LCD runs Linux. I had no idea until I read the
>>>> users manual and found the GPL listed at the end.
>>> 32"?  Well that figures.  Small mind, small screen.
>> Such statements typically emerge from a small mind.
> No. I tiny one.
> Bill Weisgerber tries to tell us that only big is beautiful (without
> exception, naturally), and he naturally got it "big"
> Well, anyone believing that, I have some slightly used bridges, real
> cheap...

Those who have nothing /useful/ to say (billwg in this case) spew out garbage.

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