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[News] Price of Linux-based G1 Smartphone Now $179

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G1 Price Drop: Wal-Mart to Sell Android For Less

,----[ Quote ]
| The G1 will become available Wednesday in select Wal-Mart stores for $148.88, 
| with a two-year agreement. That's $31.11, or about 17 percent, less than the 
| T-Mobile pricetag of $179.99. The offer will be available to all new T-Mobile 
| customers and to any existing customers who qualify for upgrades. As of now, 
| about 550 locations are slated to participate.    



Google's Android: It's not just for phones

,----[ Quote ]
| Bruggeman declined to share specifics about which Internet-connected devices
| might employ the operating system, but he did mention TVs and set-top boxes
| as well as cars. And he was confident some will arrive next year.
| "I don't want to pre-announce any design wins," he said. "I think you'll see
| them in 2009. I would be shocked if you didn't."



,----[ Quote ]
| Until Chrome came along, Google's Master Mobile Plan didn't quite add up. Now
| it does. Chrome -- Google's new superbrowser -- is cream on the top of a new
| mobile software stack. Let's call it GACL, for Gears, Android and Chrome on
| Linux. Gears is a way to run Web apps on desktops and store data locally as
| well as in the cloud. Android is a development framework for Linux-based
| mobile devices. Chrome is a browser, but not just for pages. Chrome also runs
| apps. In that respect, it's more than the UI-inside-a-window that all
| browsers have become. It's essentially an operating system.


Is Android Google's Ticket into the Enterprise?

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Inc.'s Android project could be the start of a much larger enterprise
| strategy, according to one industry analyst. But before the search engine
| giant can threaten Microsoft's enterprise supremacy, most observers of
| wireless industry efforts agree that the company's open source OS platform
| will need to regain support from its development community.

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