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Re: [News] Hard to Find Anything That Does Not Run Linux...

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____/ Terry Porter on Wednesday 29 October 2008 04:15 : \____

> On Fri, 24 Oct 2008 01:44:11 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> | Finally, Moore's Law and the general trend toward cheaper and faster
>> hardware | means that Linux now fits into even more places than it did
>> before. We | normally think of Linux as an operating system for servers,
>> or even for | desktop computers. But we can expect Linux to be at the
>> heart of a growing | number of appliances, from video-on-demand devices
>> to digital video recorders | (e.g., TiVo), to cellphones (e.g., Android
>> and OpenMoko). The Linux-powered | refrigerator, with a built-in
>> bar-code scanner that can tell you how long ago | you bought milk, isn't
>> far behind.
>> `----
>> http://ostatic.com/158401-blog/linux-is-truly-everywhere
> My TV, a 32" LG HIDEF LCD runs Linux. I had no idea until I read the
> users manual and found the GPL listed at the end.
> It has a USB slot which connects to anything USB storage, and displays
> pics in a slideshow with zoom etc.
> Expect to see most TVs running Linux, except the ones stuck on a blue
> screen, they will be running something else ...

Death knell for television as we know it

,----[ Quote ]
| Japanese media reports say the new television, which is likely to run on the
| open source Linux operating system rather than Microsoft Windows to save
| boot-up time, could be on sale locally by next March.


Embedded Linux has more friends than you may know

,----[ Quote ]
| Sony recently announced that one of its BRAVIA LCD TV factories will double
| production from 2 million TV sets per year to 4 million to meet growing
| demand in Europe. Sony has sold more than 20 million of these TVs, and
| they're all built with embedded Linux.or.


Mobile TVs typically run Linux too.

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