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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Wants to Establish Internet Lock-in

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Cloud Computing Has To Be About Openness And Ease; Not Locking Developers In

,----[ Quote ]
| There was a ton of press coverage today over Microsoft's 
| not-particularly-surprising announcement of Microsoft Azure, its attempt to 
| get into the cloud computing business, competing with the likes of Amazon, 
| Google's AppEngine and (now) Rackspace, among others. Microsoft entering this 
| space isn't a surprise at all, so it's a bit disappointing to see the sheer 
| lack of details surrounding the announcement. Amazon has succeeded in the 
| space because of two main things: incredibly cheap prices and ridiculous 
| ease-of-use.        


PDC 2008: More details on Windows Azure, the Internet operating system

,----[ Quote ]
| First of all, Microsoft doesn't have the greatest track record on the 
| Internet, and it's not clear that developers will jump onto the Windows Azure 
| bandwagon. Will businesses be willing to commit to a proprietary platform and 
| lock their cloud applications to Microsoft's datacenters?   


Microsoft could block popular Azure apps

,----[ Quote ]
| "When you hit the quota...it's possible we will block access to your site," 
| Microsoft's Manuvir Das told PDC after a session, Lap Around Windows Azure. 
| Das did try to reassure potential developers blocking was not guaranteed, but 
| noted: "We have the capability to do that and may have to do that."   



Stallman warns against cloud computing

,----[ Quote ]
| In an interview reported by The Guardian, he said, "It's stupidity. It's
| worse than stupidity: it's a marketing hype campaign."
| Stallman warns that cloud computing is simply a trap to entice users' into
| entrusting their data and computing applications to proprietary systems that
| are beyond their own control and which service providers could make more and
| more expensive for users over time. He doesn't trust the vendors.
| "Somebody is saying this is inevitable -- and whenever you hear somebody
| saying that, it's very likely to be a set of businesses campaigning to make
| it true," Stallman said.


Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman

,----[ Quote ]
| Web-based programs like Google's Gmail will force people to buy into locked,
| proprietary systems that will cost more and more over time, according to the
| free software campaigner

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