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[News] [Rival] All Versions of Windows Actively Hijacked Using New Crack

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Windows RPC hole being exploited already

,----[ Quote ]
| A public exploit has been circulated for the recent RPC hole in Windows. When 
| the vulnerability was publicised last Wednesday, Microsoft still said in its 
| security bulletin that although there were targeted attacks, the actual 
| attack code wasn't publicly available – but the company did warn that the the 
| hole was a potential target for worms. It now seems that this prediction has 
| come true, as a program called "Gimmiv.A" has reportedly been sighted in the 
| wild. Gimmiv.A infiltrates vulnerable computers and sends information back to 
| base. Some virus scanners and intrusion detection systems already offer 
| signatures to recognise these attacks.        


And the law is still broken...

Student charged after alerting principal to server hack

,----[ Quote ]
| A 15-year-old high school student in New York State has been charged with 
| three felonies after he allegedly accessed personnel records on his school's 
| poorly configured computer network and then notified his principal of the 
| security weakness.   
| The unnamed student of Shenendehowa Central School was charged Thursday with 
| computer trespass, unlawful possession of a personal identification 
| information and identity theft, according to news reports. He has been 
| suspended from school and ordered to stand charges in family court in 
| Saratoga County.    



Microsoft RPC exploit could be a packaged deal

,----[ Quote ]
| While Microsoft has labeled Thursday's emergency patch MS08-067 as "critical"
| and provided a rare out-of-cycle fix because its exploit could easily be used
| as worm on a compromised network, one security researcher doesn't think it
| will happen that way.
| "It's likely we're going to see this packaged with some other attack." said
| Ben Greenbaum, senior research manager at Symantec. "A Web-based attack, for
| example. We're looking out for are exploits of this being bundled with
| client-side exploits or Trojans so that the worm can get past corporate
| firewalls and get behind that firewall into the internal network."


Trojan attacks Microsoft's emergency patch vuln

,----[ Quote ]
| A day after Microsoft released an emergency patch for a critical flaw that
| could allow self-replicating attacks, researchers have identified a nasty
| trojan that attempts to exploit the vulnerability.

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