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[News] Government and Ubuntu Linux, Free Software for Privacy

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Is Ubuntu the Barack Obama of Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| The unfairness arises when you look at the Linux distros that Ubuntu is 
| topping. Debian, for instance, has been around far longer than upstart 
| Ubuntu. For goodness sake, no one even heard of Ubuntu until 2004 – because 
| it didn’t exist before then. Meanwhile, Debian has served the Linux faithful 
| since way back in 1993. (Indeed, Ubuntu was a fork from Debian). Yet the 
| Linux Foundation surveys from ‘05, ‘06 and ‘07 all put Ubuntu ahead of 
| Debian.       
| [...]
| To understand Ubuntu’s rapid climb, it helps to look at another relative 
| newcomer who has enjoyed a rapid ascent, Senator Barack Obama. The paths to 
| popular success for both Obama and Ubuntu, despite respective fields as 
| different as politics and software, are remarkably similar.    


Why "Joe the Plumber" Should Switch to Open Source 

,----[ Quote ]
| Ask a geek about open source and they’ll usually jump right into talking 
| about the operating system. True, you need never pay for an OS again. There 
| are some very decent Linux-based open source operating systems available that 
| are more than capable of doing what at least 90 per cent of PC users out 
| there want.    



Obama Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| People from the Obama campaign have said that they use Ubuntu 8.04. It seems
| to be used nationally.
| Does anyone know any more about the use of Ubuntu by the Obama campaign and
| can provide us with more details?


BSA lobbies Obama for software patents at the Democratic Convention in Denver

,----[ Quote ]
| IP-watch tell us that BSA went to lobby Obama at the Democratic Convention in
| Denver with a list of principles, where the first one is "inspire creativity
| and innovation through strong, comprehensive, and enforceable intellectual
| property policies, including copyright, patent and trademark laws." Software
| patents are definitely on the top of the agenda of American multinationals.
| BSA does not has any small software company in its members, and Microsoft
| more active then the other members in using the association as a vector for
| its purposes.


Microsoft Word Now Knows the Difference Between Osama and Obama

,----[ Quote ]
| In my post yesterday, I quoted a frustrated reader who couldn’t believe that
| Microsoft Word still proposes “Osama” as a corrected version of “Obama.” He
| wanted to know why Microsoft didn’t update its dictionary.


Microsoft tries to fix big glitch on Obama

,----[ Quote ]
| One mixup, with potentially vast effect, apparently belongs to the
| unintentional category and gained wide currency this week: The spell-checker
| in Microsoft's Hotmail e-mail software recommends that users replace the
| word "Obama" with "Osama."
| 'Can of worms'



Obama Campaign Hopes for Better Web Security

,----[ Quote ]
| The requirements are pretty much what you'd read in any e-commerce security
| help-wanted ad: VPN (virtual private network) and Unix or Linux experience,
| along with a "deep understanding" of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl)
| development. And of course, the successful candidate must be willing
| to "respond off-hours to high urgency security situations."


Obama Voices Support for ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenDocument Format supporters are welcoming presidential hopeful Sen. Barack
| Obama's promise to put government data online in universally accessible
| formats should he be elected.ODF a National Standard in Korea

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