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[News] Linux Kernel Summit Videos Available (Also as Ogg Theora)

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Torvalds: Real quality means taking it personally

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation (LF) has posted a ten-minute video interview with kernel 
| coordinator Linus Torvalds. Held during the Linux Foundation's recent Linux 
| Kernel Summit, the interview reveals the Linux founder speaking out on issues 
| ranging from kernel/userland interactions to why Linux has so many 
| interfaces.    


180MB Ogg. Pretty decent. More here:

Kernel Summit 2008 Video


John Galt is dead or Linus shrugs

,----[ Quote ]
| The idea has been taking a beating lately, what with even Alan Greenspan 
| admitting the ideology is flawed. 
| But those of us in the open source movement knew those ideas were bogus a 
| decade ago. John Galt, meet Linus Torvalds. 
| Linus is the anti-Galt. He is naturally shy, he likes teams. He is more 
| interested in solving a problem than in anything else. 



Linus Torvalds' Followup On Software Security, Sensationalism And
Self-Stimulating Simians

,----[ Quote ]
| Here is his response:
| Heh. I did talk to an OpenBSD [developer], and offered to apologize if they
| really thought "masturbating monkeys" was offensive, but at least that
| developer just found it funny.
| So from that (admittedly very limited) sample, the actual developers are sane
| people, and (as usual) the problem is the whole media circus around security.
| Which was the whole point of the thread and the context in which I called
| people monkeys in the first place, which is kind of ironic.
| Not that I'm surprised, of course.
| Anyway, I find - yet again - that security issues get sensationalized, and
| that people seem to have trouble reacting to them sanely and with any kind of
| rational behavior. Which is what I was ranting against.
| And yes, I think I was extremely unfair in ranting against the OpenBSD
| developers, although the reason I picked them was that they exemplify to a
| lot of people a single-mindedness about security.


What Linus Torvalds thinks about OpenBSD

,----[ Quote ]
| The gist of Torvalds' longer argument is that there are more interesting bugs
| out there than just security bugs. On that topic I heartily agree with the
| God of Linux. While I am also a contributor to the security bug hype often
| focusing stories that I write on those issues, as a user I know full well
| that it's often the 'regular' bugs that are the issues that actually affect
| me the most.


Linus : why are we not offended?

,----[ Quote ]
| If you haven't heard yet, Linus Torvalds got a little vulgar when describing
| BSD development and attitude. I'm still tossed on whether or not the metaphor
| Linus used was the best or worst metaphor I've ever heard. The description
| certainly fits the likes of Theo de Raadt, whom I've talked about before, and
| seems appropriate for most of the other BSD developers I've had
| the -dis-pleasure of being in contact with.

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