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[News] Microsoft Loses Control to GNU/Linux on the BIOS

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The Race to Instant-On Computers Begins

,----[ Quote ]
| But rather than the oft-discussed head-to-head battle between Linux and 
| Windows, we’re seeing Linux latch onto Windows almost like a parasite in a 
| symbiotic relationship with its host.  
| All of the shipping or soon-to-ship instant-on systems use a thinned-down 
| version of Linux as a base for presenting the quick Internet applications. 
| This makes sense because computer makers can customize Linux to boot fast and 
| use the software for free, meaning they don’t add much extra cost to each 
| computer.     


Faster booting with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The intriguing part of all this is that we might finally get the instant-on 
| capability for some pretty standard apps. The bizarre part is that the way to 
| speed up your slow OS load it you actually load two different OSes. Sort of 
| like running a five-kilometer race before you run your marathon. Meanwhile, 
| Microsoft is now stating that similar technology could be part of Windows 7, 
| presumably in 2010 and without using any of that open source voodoo.     



DeviceVM's proprietary/Linux split explained

,----[ Quote ]
| Covering Asus' adoption of DeviceVM's Splashtop software in all its
| motherboards and some laptops, we were wondering exactly which parts were
| proprietary and which were Linux - hence pulling back from calling it
| a "Linux OS".



Linux is Part of Asus’s Long Term Plan

,----[ Quote ]
| Asus announced three new Linux products.
| I would even go so far to say that if Asus keeps up its support of Linux, it
| may be the company that is credited with bringing Linux on the desktop to the
| masses.  


Feeling the heat at Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| A couple of years ago you reiterated that IBM was Microsoft's biggest
| competitor and you said not just on the business side, but overall. If I ask
| you who is Microsoft's biggest competitor now, who would it be?
| Ballmer: Open...Linux. I don't want to say open source. Linux, certainly have
| to go with that.

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