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[News] More Joy with the Latest Mandriva GNU/Linux

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Mandriva 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux has came far in the past few years. It has evolved from a command line, 
| only good for server and security operating system, to a gorgeous, fun and 
| easy to use stable desktop OS also.  
| Mandriva 2009 is a wonderful distrobution for all you frustrated Vista users. 
| It is prettier and more functional than M$ Vista, and best of all free, lke  
| most of the available software. 



Mandriva 2009 helps new users to grow

,----[ Quote ]
| Back when Mandriva was called Mandrake, the distribution had the reputation
| of being the most user-friendly Linux distribution. Financial difficulties,
| personnel changes, and the rise of Ubuntu changed that, and somehow Mandriva
| never quite regained its reputation. With this week's release of Mandriva
| 2009, Mandriva has continued to work on user-friendliness. Aside from a
| poorly organized installation program and a few scattered problems, Mandriva
| 2009 offers a desktop experience that is at least the equal of any other
| distribution for everyday use and that has a strong claim of being the most
| advanced available for system administration.
| [...]
| Purists might wish that Mandriva would go one step further, and explain to
| new users what configuration files they are changing with the desktop tools.
| However, Mandriva deserves full credit for not limiting the definition of
| user-friendly to over-simplification. Unlike most user-friendly
| distributions, Mandriva is not just for beginners, but for intermediate users
| as well -- and that's a redefinition that is long overdue.


Mandriva 2009 Linux Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva specifies a minimum of 512 MB memory to run Mandriva 2009 but
| recommends 1 GB if you want to turn on all the special effects. On my 512 MB
| machine, it ran flawlessly. The hard disk space requirement is a minimum of 2
| GB with 6 GB recommendation. 3D acceleration is supported on most capable
| hardware. If you have any of the NVIDIA, ATITM, Intel, SiS, Matrox and VIA
| graphics cards, you are in luck as Mandriva One 2009 bundles with it the
| proprietary drivers for all these cards and you can use the 3D acceleration
| capabilities out of the box without any further tinkering.
| This year, Mandriva is celebrating its 10th year of innovation. It has a long
| history of rolling out robust Linux distributions. The latest release namely
| Mandriva 2009 is another feather in its cap for a job well done.


Mandriva Linux 2009 Titbits

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva Linux 2009 was recently released to the public. Here we provide some
| titbits from Mandriva One, one of the free editions of Mandriva Linux 2009.
| The other editions are:Mandriva Free, and Mandriva Powerpack. Mandriva
| Powerpack is the commercial edition, available for purchase from the Mandriva
| website.


Mandriva 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| The end of the year traditionally is a very busy time for distribution
| lovers…although things are a bit quiet at the moment. Ubuntu 8.10, OpenSuse
| 11 and Fedora 10 are just around the corner, and Debian 5 should have been
| released already but is delayed. That means the only major release so far has
| been Mandriva 2009. Let’s see if its place in the spotlight is deserved.


Mandriva Linux 2009 impresses

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the more exciting inclusions in Mandriva 2009 is the incorporation of
| the LUKS encryption system into the installer. What this means is that
| Mandriva 2009 will allow users to encrypt their partitions directly from the
| installer.


Living with Mandriva

,----[ Quote ]
| That’s pretty much all I’ve done. So far, nothing has crashed, Plasma has
| behaved itself and everything has “just worked”. Mandriva has made me forget
| that I’m using KDE 4, which is actually a good thing!


Shiny New Mandriva Linux 2009 Walkthrough and First Impressions

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest and as they say one of the most ground-breaking versions of
| Mandriva Linux has been released as scheduled. Mandriva Linux 2009 is
| jam-packed with exciting new features and innovations that will try to cater
| everyone’s desktop needs. I had fun with Mandriva 2008, so I was really
| looking forward to this latest release.

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