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[News] CodeWeavers CrossOver Goes Free!

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CodeWeavers' Software Free for Download Thanks to George W. Bush and Falling
Gas Prices

,----[ Quote ]
| The catastrophic cratering of the global economy, falling gas prices and 
| President George W. Bush's recent executive activities have indirectly  
| prompted Saint Paul gadfly software developers CodeWeavers, Inc., to provide 
| free software for every American on Oct. 28, company officials reluctantly 
| announced today.   



Codeweavers, Google Brew Some Fine Wine For Desktop Linux Users

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently, Google announced that it has been providing Codeweavers with both 
| developer resources and financial backing to make Wine work even better with 
| some key Windows applications, the most important of which are Adobe 
| Photoshop and Dragon Clearly Speaking. Adobe's Photoshop CS product line 
| already works remarkably well on Linux, and Google's support is likely to 
| give Codeweavers the ability to make Photoshop support a non-issue for 
| companies considering a move from Windows to desktop Linux.      


CodeWeavers to release CrossOver Games

,----[ Quote ]
| WoW! it looks as if the folks at TransGaming are in for a little competition 
| for Linux and Mac gamers. And the best thing is if your a current CrossOVer 
| customer you get a free copy of CrossOver Games!  
| Jeremy also talks about the upcoming release of CrossOver 7 and what changes 
| are in store for it's release. 


Codeweavers Gives Linux Project a Boost

,----[ Quote ]
| CodeWeavers Inc., the leading manufacturer of Windows to Linux software 
| compatibility products, announced today its support for Lindependence ’08, 
| which involves migrating the entire town of Felton, CA to the Linux operating 
| system.    

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