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[News] Op-ed: Opera Loses to Free Software

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My Firefox 3 experience

,----[ Quote ]
| As much as I like Opera 9.5, I have started using Firefox 3.0.3 as my default 
| browser. It almost makes me feel guilty, because I really do like Opera. It’s 
| a slick little browser that I still use it at times and who knows, I may go 
| back to using it full time at a later date. However, Firefox 3 has won me 
| over for the time being. Something my brother said sums it up. With Firefox 
| 3, you can add as little or as much customization as you want or need and for 
| me, that makes it a winner.      



Opera 9.60 Review - Awesomeness, Great Features and a Few Annoying Crashes

,----[ Quote ]
| I must say that I think Opera is doing a great job supporting its browser on
| Linux. Even though it's closed-source, it's still one of the most powerful
| web browsers out there, and each release comes with packages for every major
| distribution out there.


Opera 9.6 launches for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Opera Software has launched launched Opera 9.6, the newest version of its web
| browser. Opera 9.6 includes improvements in the built-in email client as well
| as better browser synchronisation.
| One of Opera's key features is Opera Link which allows users to keep their
| profiles in sync across different machines. An expanded Opera Link in Opera
| 9.6 lets users take their favourite search engines and the browser history
| with them as well as notes taken in the Opera browser, bookmarks, Speed Dial
| and personal bar.

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